Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New York/Day 4

Glen had to work most of the morning on Tuesday too so I spent a little more time exploring on my own.  Hit up a few more stores and mostly just enjoyed all the people watching that the city has to offer.

Here is Bryant Park at lunch hour.  Packed full of people enjoying their lunch hour. 
There was games of checkers going on, table tennis, and even some sun bathing!  

Loved this!  Business man out to lunch!

Here's our view from our hotel room.

After Glen was done working for the day we set to do the last few touristy things we had planned for.
First up, cupcakes! Finally we found Magnolias.  So yummy!

We then took the subway to the Brooklyn bridge to walk across the bridge. 

If you look close in this picture you can see the Statue of Liberty.  Beautiful!

After we explored the bridge we walked ALOT more just enjoying the scenery. 
I am in love with these little row homes and the colors of each of them. 

Glen took a little stop to research our dinner choices.

The next morning we had to be up by 5 am to catch our flights.  We left on different flights, Glen off to do more work in Florida and my sights set for home to the kids.  My flight ended up being a nightmare and ended up having to take a taxi to a whole different airport in New was a complete mess! But I made it home to my kids just later then expected.

We are so grateful to Grandma for letting this trip happen.  She was so great in taking the kids on and not only taking the kids on but taking on the BIG school project that we neglected to even think about before we left and all the running that comes with their activities.  She's a saint.
My friend Karen was also such a blessing in helping lucky!

I can hardly wait to go back to New York, it was such a neat trip.  So fun to explore and spend this time with just Glen.  We will be back New York, yes we will!


Glen Moore said...

We definitely walked off the cupcakes that day and saw a lot of the East Village and SoHo. Fun trip. That rabbit I ate was pretty bad though. That restaurant was the only downer of the trip for me.


Moore fun in Colorado! said...

Looks like you accomplished a lot of sight seeing in a short time. NY is a good place to see again and again, especially the Broadway shows. Glad you got home safe.
Love, Dad

Gygi Family said...

Ok! So that trip looked liked too much fun! You are making me want to go there! So glad you enjoyed your time away!