Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New York Day 3

Glen had to work most of the day on Monday so that left me on my own.  
The big city of New York can be scary all on your lonesome.  I dared not take the subway on my own in fear that I would get off and not know where I was and where to go.  So I stuck around the area near our hotel, which was great because there was lots of great shopping all around.

I really wanted to find the Magnolia bakery to get a cupcake.  I asked a couple people and google mapped it on my phone but it kept me in circles and directed me to Grand Central Station....I was so confused. (later I found out it was in the eating area of Grand Central)

I spent the morning shopping, stopped for some lunch, and shopped some more! On my way back to the room I decided that I needed some cheesecake! Yum! Glen suggested I take the subway to Central Park to run, I obviously did the opposite and just ate my calories!

That night the advertising agency met up with us for a very fancy dinner (too fancy for my taste).  And afterwards they got us tickets to see Newsies.  The show was so great!  I think I could have done a encore and sat through it all over again.  It was awesome, 95% of the cast was male and they did a great job.  Highly recommend it.

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Moore fun in Colorado! said...

Good show! New York shopping is where Hannah developed interest in shoe shopping. Then she worked at DSW for a long time.