Wednesday, November 18, 2015

School is Winding Down

Only a few days left of school so you know what that means: CRAZY BUSY!

We all loved Bess's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Garrett.  She is so fun and great with the kids.  We will definitely miss her in 5th grade!

Carter had his last 6th grade choir concert & and I don't think he was a bit sad about it!  Needless to say he isn't taking it in 7th grade.  Maybe he'll appreciate it when he's a bit older?

Carter and his buddy Josh!  At least they were together if they both had to suffer through it!

And a cool 8th grader, Ethan, photo bombing!

Preschool Graduation

The day came!  My youngest and last was ending preschool!  It's such a bitter sweet feeling!

I love Maggie and her desire to learn.  "She loves to socialize and is so great about getting along with EVERYONE!" - Miss Amber 

They prepared a program full of songs and actions for us.  It was really entertaining!

They also drew a picture and told us what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Maggie wants to be a BABY NURSE!  

We have formed such a great relationship with this group.  They started out as 7 and ended with just 5, as 2 had moved away.  But these kids loved each other!  And it was so fun for the moms to really enjoy each other too!

And Miss Amber.....I can't say enough about how wonderful this lady is.  She did her job as a preschool teacher PLUS!  She was so awesome.  Maggie and I have a forever friend in Miss Amber!

Preschool Buddies

Maggie has made the best preschool friends a girl could ever have.  Khloe, Kenley, and Maggie ended up being the only girls at preschool this year and they sure loved each other!

This girls LOVES her blankie! It often becomes a scarf or whatever she can think of just so she can have it close by her!

One day I took Kenley and Maggie to the park after preschool to have a picnic.  Once we got there we realized it was a 6th grade graduation party.  I told them it was going to be kind of crazy and thought maybe we should try a new park.  They did not like that idea.  They wanted to be right in the thick of things.......they loved listening to the DJ play his music and think they were big!

Not even shy or intimidated about joining right in!  AHHHHHH!

Memorial Day Weekend

We thought it would be fun to rent a hotel room over Memorial Day weekend and spend some quality time exploring on our bikes. 
So we hooked up our trailer and hauled our bikes down to Riverside Hotel.  
We have really grown to love this hotel as it's off the river and we often ride our bikes past it.  
There is always an band out playing at the grill and we like to stop and listen, or picnic or grab a bit to eat.  
We decided that we thought it would be fun to stay at this time! And it did not disappoint. We had fun!

The hotel was pretty packed as they had some soccer tournament going on.  We had to take our turn to use the chess set. 

The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out on our bikes to explore. 

We stopped and got off our bikes to walk the nature trail a little.  Carter was mesmerized by the size of the cat fish.

Also along our bike ride is this awesome place.  It's pretty much right downtown and people come out and paddle board or canoe all summer long.  That's our next adventure!

The kids always tire before I do on the bike riding.  I think I could spend a whole Saturday just riding the green belt!  Maybe for a good long day date?!

Signs of Summer

The girls could hardly wait one more day to drag out the water slide.  
It made the girls pretty happy to think about summer coming with the great Saturday weather we were having!

I love to put our American Flag out all summer long on our porch.  There's just something about it that screams SUMMER to me!

We have been wanting to try a family hike to Tablerock for quite awhile now and the weather seemed like it would be a perfect day to do it OR so we thought!  
Just as we were driving there the rain started to come down.  As we approached the trail head and met up with our friends the Ellsworths, it had let up.  So we started on the trail.
It was very stressful to say the least.  Major major mud and lots of tears later we decided about 1 mile into the hike to turn around and go back to get our vehicles to drive to the top to watch the sunset.  
I think that was a good decision too because we saw many people walking down without shoes on and covered in mud.  
We will have to do it again soon when the weather will allow us!

All the kids still pretty happy!

It is a very pretty view once we reach the top and see the city overlook. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brace Face take 3 or 4.....

Oh where, oh where do I begin.......

About 15 years ago and newly wed my retainer broke from being stepped on.  I contacted some random orthodontist about what I should do.  He recommended nothing.  He stated that your teeth stop moving and I should have nothing to worry about WELL fast forward to today and that is not the case.  I was so bugged that they had shifted and it really bothered me.  

So one day while sitting at Carter's ortho appointment I happened to ask the doctor just a few simple questions about a solution for the shift in my teeth.
He gave me a couple options but the best solution being getting braces back on my top 6 and bottom 6 teeth.The price was really pretty good since Carter already goes there and the timing he gave me was only 4 months. 
I knew the pain of braces, as I had already had them on my top 2 times and my bottom 3 times before, yes you heard me right!  UGH!!

SO HERE I AM!!!!! Not fun but the end result will be ALL worth it, right? We shall see!

Preschool Party

Normally the end of the year hooray, before graduation, is a day at the zoo with all the class.  Well this year the parents along with the teacher decided it was going to be a crazy day at the zoo  so we opted for a fun park day with scooters and a picnic.  ALL were very happy with this solution!

These 5 are just the best!  It was so fun to watch them grow together through the year of preschool.  Some strong but fun personalities!  Miss Amber always had the best stories to tell us at the end of the morning after being with them. 

The girls and Jimmy.  Such good buddies!

Not only did Maggie find 2 of her best friends and preschool I also got very close to these two moms too.  We love our friends! 

Grrrr....this CAT!

We have a plenty enough space in this house and just the days that I decide to actually fold laundry Midnight decides laying right in the middle of the process is the best place to be!

And that's a Wrap!

We had a blast watching Maggie in her spring soccer.  She learned so much and had a blast every game.
Getting a medal at the end with her name on the back just made her whole season!

And playing with one of your besties, Kenley, just put it over the top awesome!!!

4th Grade Rendezvous

All of Ada County school's 4th graders gather together once a year to take part in the 5th grade rendezvous.  It's quite a BIG deal.  They have over 30 stations with each group only being able to stop and listen to the presentation at only around 10 stations.  
This year it just so happened that I signed up to go with Bess's class and the rains were a downpour and everything was out on the grounds on Meridian Middle School.

It was very crazy and COLD!!!

I really kept thinking they would cancel it while we were there because it was raining SO hard.  The kids were wet and cold yet they were still happy to not be in the classroom doing work.
Even with all my complaining I was quite happy to be there with my girl.  She was very sweet and stuck close by me.  It's good to have some one on one time with her!

Bess has some of the cutest friends!  She's a very lucky girl that she makes them so easily. 

I hope when it's Maggie's turn that the weather decides to cooperate a little bit better!