Sunday, September 11, 2016

School Pictures 2015-16

7th Grade

5th Grade 


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friends Down by the River

One day after kindergarten Maggie, her friend Bella, and I all headed down to the river for a little picnic lunch and playtime.  
It was so fun for the girls to run into the "cute boys" from their class.  It was even more fun for me to watch how they reacted to being around these boys!  

It was a perfect weather and we enjoyed being outside!  I'm going to miss Maggie something terrible when she is in school all day next year! 

Fit One Half Marathon

A group of friends and I decided to train for the Fit One Half Marathon.  I think the training runs were my very favorite.  I love running on the greenbelt.  It's so beautiful and relaxing.  
This part is my very favorite or I should say when I retire and my kids are gone I wan to retire to this spot! 

Everyone has their own dock out to the pond and in the early morning there is a little fog over the water and it just looks like something straight out of the fairytale books!

But for now my yard/house will do.  One morning we ended at my house and this was the beautiful scenery.  I'll take it!

Morning of the race came and I was extra spoiled by a friend that made me a little gift basket.  I was super excited to try these energy Jelly Bellys!

Love these ladies!  We had a great time training together.  Great conversation and they pushed me!  I needed to be pushed!

This is only the second half marathon that I have run but it was SOOOO much harder!  I absolutely disliked the was rough for me!
My stomach really started to bug me around mile 6 and it was hard goings from there. Seeing this train depot hill was intimidating so close to the end of the race!

But I did it!  I made it and was happy to get home to recover and relax.  Only 1....or maybe 2? more to go and I'll hang up my half marathon medals for life!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scout Camp Overnighter

The men of the house headed out on a scout backpacking overnighter! Pretty positive one was a little more excited than the other!
Carter is SO lucky to have a dad that does scout trips like this with him.  And Glen is a little bummed that he only has one boy to go with.....we may have to adopt some 12 year old scouts in the coming years!

The girls can hardly wait for dad and Carter to have their camping trips away because they have deemed them "girls nights."  "Mom, what are we going to do for girls night?"
It usually consists of dinner out, a little Target visit, maybe nail painting, some ice cream, and sleeping all together in mom's bed.  
So we did just that.  Ate at Zupa's, their favorite and visited Target to check out the new Halloween costumes.

They sure didn't last long after that!  
We all love our girls nights!

Baking with my Buddy

Maggie declared it a perfect day for baking some cookies!  

She did way more eating than baking!

I love my afternoons with this little girl.  I am going to be super sad when she is at school all day next year!


Paul has some of the most wonderful friends!  A couple of Boise friends came up with the idea to have a "PAUL DAY".  So no matter where you are you can do the simplest of things to think of Paul that day or to do a lemonade stand, garage sell, run in his honor in a race & so much more!
It was so fun to hear and watch the donations and ideas come in that day.  

One of his friends Maria, that came up with the Paul Day idea, came up with the idea for us to do a carnival at her house.  
As soon as others heard that Maria was planning the carnival at her house they asked if they could contribute by having a garage sell there.  Then someone wanted to do a bake sale.  Soon we had a true carnival!  
Alot of planning went it this day from Boise.  And not one minute of it a complaint!  We were all so happy to do this for Paul! 

Maria and her awesome pony rides!  There was a constant line and Maria worked the day away in the hot sun!  I just love her and appreciate her SOOO much!

Cart rides on the little pony were also a huge hit!

Cutest petting zoo there ever was with baby bunnies!

Come get your popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy!!!

Glen and I rented the bounce house and cotton candy machine.  Please were SO generous!  

We really have such a great community of friends here.  We will forever remember these people that buoyed us up at this hard time!

We were totally wiped by 7:00!  Good hard work makes for wonderful sleep!

Even the next day at church!

Working Hard

Carter is taking a 8th grade math class this year.  It's been fun to watch him put so much effort into it.  He really doesn't have to try too hard but I love that he is putting for the effort!(especially coming from his math challenged mother)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Continued

Sunday, after church, we all headed up to Deer Valley.  
It was a hard morning.  Reese wasn't feeling well and it was causing lots of stress on knowing if Joni should just stay home with her and Paul and Ellie just come up with us or if they should just bring her in hopes that she would feel better.....after Reese declared that she wasn't missing out we all got in our cars and started the trek up.
Paul ended up having a hard time sitting in the car that long.  We had to stop and let him get out.  It was hard to see him feel so sick and in pain.  
As soon as we got to our hotel we wanted to get him to his room as fast as we could.  When we got there Joni and Paul's room was the only one that wasn't ready....DANG IT!  We told the staff what was going on and they were so kind and upgraded Paul and Joni to the nicest suite.  We all could have stayed there.

We found the pool and the kids were all pretty happy about it!

Reese all tuckered out!

We did alot of relaxing and visiting.  I think it's what everyone needed. 

The next morning we had purchased tickets for the Heber Creeper.  We lived in Utah for so many years yet we had never done it.  We were all excited to go.
As we were getting ready to pack up and get ready to go Paul got very sick.  He knew he couldn't go.  It was SO VERY hard to see him so sick.  It really shook us all how real his cancer was. 
The little girls were so excited to go so we decided to leave Joni to take care of Paul and the rest of us go ahead and get on the train.

We found a car all to ourselves.  It was old and super smelly but we were happy we had the place to ourselves. 

The little girls think Uncle Joel is the best!

These two were the cutest.  So inquisitive and amazed the whole time. 

I love this little girl!  She is seriously wise beyond her years.  It amazes me.  She said to us as we were talking about how sick Paul was that morning, "yea, my dad is sick and he's going to go to heaven to live and one day when I am really old I'll go with him."  We were all in shock how simple she made it all sound. 
I kept thinking the whole ride what was going through her mind as she sat at that window taking it all in. 

They had fiddlers walking from train car to train car playing some tunes.  They loved our car.  They said we were the most fun and I believe them.  They had us dancing and making was SO FUN!

Then there is Erin.....we love Erin.  She found this microphone sitting there and decided she better put it to use.  Little did she know that it had speakers that went through the whole train, so everyone got to hear what she had to say!  We got a good laugh!

Glen and the girls made a run for the concessions.

Goodbye Heber Valley Railroad.  Thanks for the fun memories!

I'm so happy that we did this and we created these memories with all these awesome people.  We missed Paul and Joni but it was best for Paul to get some quiet and rest.  
This Labor Day weekend will go down as one of my favorite!