Thursday, August 27, 2015


When we built this house one of the things we knew we wanted was a fire pit.  We weren't sure if we wanted a gas one or a real one but we knew we wanted something for cooking some yummy s'mores!

We weighed out the pros and cons of both and ended up opting for gas.  
Glen decided he would build the fireplace himself and once Glen decides he's going to do a project there is no stopping him!  BUT we were waiting on others to do their part of the job and it kept getting delayed.......SO exactly a year after moving into our house WE FINALLY got our fire pit all ready to go!

I would have to say the girls were the very most excited about all of it!  They kinda like treats or I mean they REALLY like treats!

We deemed every Sunday S'more night at our house!!!!

Roe Comes for a Visit

Early in March Grandma Lana and Roe came for a visit.  While Megan and Kurtis were gone to Hawaii Grandma was babysitting Roe and decided it might be more fun for him to come be entertained by us.  
We had a good time playing with our buddy Roe!

The weather was SO beautiful, I dare to even say HOT!  So we headed down by the river to throw rocks in the water.  We didn't want Roe to burn his head so he borrowed a girl hat!  

It was extra fun for Maggie because she got grandma too!

We gave making the swig cookie recipe a try....they turned out SO yummy!  Now Roe wants to come to Aunties to make pink cookies all the time.  I am good with that!

It was so fun having them.  We were very much entertained, especially by these two clowns!!!  Come again soon buddy! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BSU Basketball

We bought tickets to this game before the season even started.  Glen wanted us all to go to 1 game so he picked the last game of the season.

These two enjoyed it!  I think one enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and the other more of the actual game.  Carter obviously took more of the game watching in!

I promise Maggie and I were there, just behind the camera!

It was a great game to be at because the team was awarded the 2014-2015 Mountain West Champions! There was lots of celebrating going on.  Happy we could be there with them to celebrate such a big accomplishment!

Keeps Us On Our Toes

This non-stop-energy-quick-witted ball of fire keeps us on our toes at all times!

This day she was suppose to bring something for share at preschool that started with the letter R.  She chose to take a picture of her cousin Reese.  She was pretty happy about it too!

CRAZY brows!!!

Mom's 60th Birthday Celebration

For almost a year we have been planning my mom's big 60th birthday!  She knew she wanted to go some place, she didn't really care she just wanted us girls to come along.  It didn't take much to convince us!
We finally decided about a month before her birthday on Palm Springs.  We were flying on buddy passes so the destination could really be anywhere.  My mom's cousin, Sue Ellen, has time shares and could get us one available that weekend there.  
I left pretty early in the morning Thursday morning and was very lucky to make it from Boise to Salt Lake in 1 just never know with standby travel!
Of course we couldn't make it on the flight we were hoping for to get to Palm Springs from Salt Lake but it was ok because it gave me time to go see Paul in the hospital!
It was a fun afternoon there with he, Joni, and Erin.  We were so excited when Paul decided he wanted pancakes for dinner....and maybe a little jealous! 
Paul was waiting to meet with the brain surgeon to find out about getting the tumors taken off his skull. I was grateful to be there when he finally came in.  It was nice to meet someone so down to earth and willing to help Paul start to feel better and get his vision back.  But the best part about it is he finally had some direction!

After spending a couple hours at the hospital we found a flight that looked good for Palm Springs.....we were off!!!  It was pretty late but we were still happy to get going on our way. 

We got to our resort/condo pretty late so it was fun to wake up and discover how beautiful our surroundings were.  
These ducks greeted us bright and early looking for some breakfast.  Brenda was very adventurous and feeding them trying to get them in our condo until one pooped inside!  Out they go!!!!

The birthday girl!!  Headed down to the pool.  

It was SO relaxing to sit pool side with no distractions.  This is kind of like my heaven! 

They also had hot tubs placed all around the resort so we took the opportunity to sit in each one!

The weekend went by WAY too quickly and it was time for us to get on a REALLY early flight home Sunday morning.
We had a wonderful time full of movie watching, eating, laughing, and just being lazy!  We missed not having Megan there but understand with it being so close to her due time!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Of course there always has to be a bump in flying standby!  We made it from Palm Springs to SLC just fine but for me to get home to Boise was going to be a a couple of days of sitting and waiting in SLC to get home.  My sister had the great idea of looking into flying from SLC to Twin Falls and having Glen drive there to get me.  That was the best idea out of all my options and they had lots of open seats so that was the plan.  Only thing is that flight didn't leave until almost 10pm.  
I was ok with that though because while I was gone Paul had his surgery and I was able to swing by and see him again!

He is such a trooper!!!!  Still smiling after such a big surgery!  What an inspiration!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maggie's First Dentist Visit

To say Maggie was excited about this first visit to the dentist doesn't do it justice!  She talked about it for weeks and could hardly wait for the day to come.
I even quote her saying:

Maggie: "Mom do you know when I grow up that after I have my babies I want to be a dentist?!"

She wasn't near as excited when she found out she had 4 cavities that needed to be filled!!!

Carter Turns 12

Turning 12 is a BIG deal!  Maybe even a bigger deal for this mom.  
It means leaving primary and that's sad (again mostly for mom)!

Carter has a few obsessions with different foods.  One of them happens to be donuts!  What a way to wake up but to a donut pyramid and candle!  I think he was pretty happy about it!

Turning 12 means you become a deacon.....AHHHH!!!  Carter was excited for this.  He's been working on getting this part of the priesthood for awhile.
The crazy deacon's quorum came to get him from primary and show him the ropes.
After they were all together in their quorum Glen gave him a wonderful blessing.  It was a great sunday!

Even though I don't have pictures documenting his party, Carter had a great celebration.  Glen took him and 5 friends to paintball.  They had a blast!  They were gone for about 4 hours and came home to pizza and milk shakes (another one of Carter's food obsessions).  They played in the yard after for a bit since the weather was so great.  
I am pretty positive is saying he had a great day being celebrated!

February Treats

Maggie's preschool hosted a little mothers day program for us mothers.  They put on a little program full of songs and poems.  Next up we got to decorate and eat monster cookies together.  It was fun being with my girl and her preschool's a WAY cute group!

Her teacher made these silhouettes with the poem about tears that were flowing out of that room!  Dang her!  But I love this little profile and can't believe what a great job she did!

I love looking out our big back windows at the sunset each night.  They never really disappoint! 

Sad News/Good Friends

Some days life just really gets you down.  Mid-January we received a phone call that we will never forget.  Glen's mom called to deliver the news that Paul had been hospitalized and was having test/MRI's ran to determine that he had cancer. 
We were all so sad and in shock!  

Glen woke up early then next morning and headed to be with his family in SLC.  We are so lucky that the drive is only 5 easy hours and you are there, it helps, especially in times like this.
As awful as this situation is one thing I found to be true is you find out who your real friends are.  So many people were there for US....even though we felt like we needed to be there for Paul, people were here for us and I'll never forget those awesome friends!

Tuesday evening a good friend showed up at the door with a full meal....the kids and I were so happy and spoiled.

Wednesday morning a friend delivered coke and ice cream!  That definitely cured some blues.

Wednesday for lunch another friend dropped off my very favorite Zupa's soup & coke! 
I am so blessed with wonderful friends! 

This week was a rough one.  Lots of phone calls helped to ease our minds.  I never have to look far to find something that makes me smile....this week I really needed it so I found this extra special.
At preschool they must have been talking about emotions. 
Maggie helped me find (and her teacher, she made sure to send me a text to take a look at this paper) some sunshine on this gloomy January day!