Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Camp Morrison Scout Camp

This was Carter's first year for scout camp.  Almost a whole week away from home!!  Carter is our little home body, especially come night time so this was going to be a big deal for him. Example: I found the follow message on my calendar......

So the day finally arrived and it was time for him to head out bright and early.  Glen took off the last part of the week to be up there with him but the first part of the week he was on his own, well with his troop, but without mom and dad. Yikes!  
HE DID IT THOUGH!  We only got one phone call the first night, but he did great!

This is a funny very busy group of scouts/deacons/12-13yr olds.  The scout leader has his hands full!

I think they only drama I heard about was the skit planning......everyone has their own ideas and their ideas are the best.  I think they ended up doing 2 skits because they just couln't agree on 1.

So Carter mastered 12 yr old scout camp! Bring on next year!

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday night we spent at our favorite ice cream treat place, Fancy Freez, with the Ellsworths.  

Glen and Aaron were good buddies in high school and for years I heard Aaron stories and we got exchanged christmas cards every year.  
Once we moved to Boise Glen made it a priority for us to finally meet Aaron, Afton, and family.  
We love spending time with them and it helps that we all enjoy the same fun things....and only occasionally do I HAVE to listen to the high school stories!

The kids made Glen this awesome candy gram poster....they even included Midnight, how sweet!

For primary I thought of the idea of buying white ties and having the kids decorate them and give them to their dads to wear father's day sunday at church.  It was seriously the biggest hit!  Everyone loved it and it was so fun to see the dads beaming with grins as they wore those hand-crafted ties!

These kids struck gold when they got Glen as a dad.  He is the best story teller, best idea giver, most adventurous, patient, loving dad there is!  Thank you Glen! We love you.

Jammed Packed Utah Week

It just so happened that there happened to be 4 big reasons for us to be in Utah the first week of summer vacation.  
1. Glen had work there
2. Uncle Joel needed help moving
3. Uncle Paul needed some help
4. This darling baby was getting blessed

We spent one afternoon entertaining all the kids with a round of miniature golf.  

Grandma and Kurtis were kind enough to golf along and keep things under control!

Afterwards we headed for some yummy pizza at the Pie.  
These two boy cousins are really crazy about Maggie.  They both fight over her and think that she is just theirs.  

Here Roe is telling Dax to back off, it's his girl!  Maggie LOVES the attention too!

Penn's blessing day was great! I was so glad we could be there, we are lucky that it's only a 5 hour drive and we can hop over for important things like this.  

Not sure if Glen's breath was smelling or the story he was telling was scary poor Penn?!

We love the time we get to spend with all our cousins in Utah now.  Reese and Ellie are always up for a good time and keep us laughing.  

I have never met a smarter 5 (almost 6) year old!  Ellie loves numbers and math.  It amazes me, maybe cause Math was never my thing, but I am pretty positive she's a genius!  

We were headed down to Utah county to meet Glen who was working down there and staying a hotel there.  As we started heading south I noticed the traffic was not good SO lucky us there was IKEA.  It's always a good time wondering around there. 
I think the girls agree!

Glen's work was a big sponsor for the Utah Valley Half Marathon this year.  He spent most of his time Friday and Saturday working on that.  
It was fun to see the end of the route as the runners came down the street with the new Provo City Temple as the end of the race. Pretty cool!

They had a free fun kids run at the end.  Glen got the kids all pumped up about giving it a shot.  
Pretty positive that Carter was the only one that took it serious.....the other two were wearing flip flops!

GO Carter GO!!!

And here comes the other two.  Bess was a nice sister and made sure her sister was right behind her. 

They did it and they even got a medal to prove it!

We are very excited for Joel and Erin on their new house.  The neatest yet saddest thing about it is if we still lived there they were in our hood.  We could have done Sunday walks to visit them or had them over for dinner.....bummer!  But we can still visit them often and be happy to see our old stomping grounds. 

Glen and about 5 of Joel's good friends did a majority of moving the stuff out of the old house into the moving truck.  They kids and I met them at the house and helped unload into the new house.  

We were so happy we could be there to help them.  It's always fun with Uncle Joel and Aunt Erin!

Beginning of Summer

Bess has the cutest piano teacher.  We just love Hailee!  She planned a end of the year piano recital for all of her students at their home.  It was a great evening and Bess played beautifully!  We will miss Hailee when she heads off to college next year.

I love that the nights are staying lighter longer!  Signs of summer!!

Just everyday life here, out in the country of Eagle! Not really....but it's always fun to come across a horse out on the road.

Maggie started swimming lessons early in the season in hopes that she would have a safe and happy summer in the water this summer.  Our next door neighbor has a pool and their daughter Madelyn teaches lessons all summer.  I love how convenient it was just to run over there! 

Maggie loved it and of course had zero fear!

........and zero modesty when she is starving after lessons and needs some cereal!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

School is Winding Down

Only a few days left of school so you know what that means: CRAZY BUSY!

We all loved Bess's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Garrett.  She is so fun and great with the kids.  We will definitely miss her in 5th grade!

Carter had his last 6th grade choir concert & and I don't think he was a bit sad about it!  Needless to say he isn't taking it in 7th grade.  Maybe he'll appreciate it when he's a bit older?

Carter and his buddy Josh!  At least they were together if they both had to suffer through it!

And a cool 8th grader, Ethan, photo bombing!

Preschool Graduation

The day came!  My youngest and last was ending preschool!  It's such a bitter sweet feeling!

I love Maggie and her desire to learn.  "She loves to socialize and is so great about getting along with EVERYONE!" - Miss Amber 

They prepared a program full of songs and actions for us.  It was really entertaining!

They also drew a picture and told us what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Maggie wants to be a BABY NURSE!  

We have formed such a great relationship with this group.  They started out as 7 and ended with just 5, as 2 had moved away.  But these kids loved each other!  And it was so fun for the moms to really enjoy each other too!

And Miss Amber.....I can't say enough about how wonderful this lady is.  She did her job as a preschool teacher PLUS!  She was so awesome.  Maggie and I have a forever friend in Miss Amber!

Preschool Buddies

Maggie has made the best preschool friends a girl could ever have.  Khloe, Kenley, and Maggie ended up being the only girls at preschool this year and they sure loved each other!

This girls LOVES her blankie! It often becomes a scarf or whatever she can think of just so she can have it close by her!

One day I took Kenley and Maggie to the park after preschool to have a picnic.  Once we got there we realized it was a 6th grade graduation party.  I told them it was going to be kind of crazy and thought maybe we should try a new park.  They did not like that idea.  They wanted to be right in the thick of things.......they loved listening to the DJ play his music and think they were big!

Not even shy or intimidated about joining right in!  AHHHHHH!