Friday, June 24, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Continued

Sunday, after church, we all headed up to Deer Valley.  
It was a hard morning.  Reese wasn't feeling well and it was causing lots of stress on knowing if Joni should just stay home with her and Paul and Ellie just come up with us or if they should just bring her in hopes that she would feel better.....after Reese declared that she wasn't missing out we all got in our cars and started the trek up.
Paul ended up having a hard time sitting in the car that long.  We had to stop and let him get out.  It was hard to see him feel so sick and in pain.  
As soon as we got to our hotel we wanted to get him to his room as fast as we could.  When we got there Joni and Paul's room was the only one that wasn't ready....DANG IT!  We told the staff what was going on and they were so kind and upgraded Paul and Joni to the nicest suite.  We all could have stayed there.

We found the pool and the kids were all pretty happy about it!

Reese all tuckered out!

We did alot of relaxing and visiting.  I think it's what everyone needed. 

The next morning we had purchased tickets for the Heber Creeper.  We lived in Utah for so many years yet we had never done it.  We were all excited to go.
As we were getting ready to pack up and get ready to go Paul got very sick.  He knew he couldn't go.  It was SO VERY hard to see him so sick.  It really shook us all how real his cancer was. 
The little girls were so excited to go so we decided to leave Joni to take care of Paul and the rest of us go ahead and get on the train.

We found a car all to ourselves.  It was old and super smelly but we were happy we had the place to ourselves. 

The little girls think Uncle Joel is the best!

These two were the cutest.  So inquisitive and amazed the whole time. 

I love this little girl!  She is seriously wise beyond her years.  It amazes me.  She said to us as we were talking about how sick Paul was that morning, "yea, my dad is sick and he's going to go to heaven to live and one day when I am really old I'll go with him."  We were all in shock how simple she made it all sound. 
I kept thinking the whole ride what was going through her mind as she sat at that window taking it all in. 

They had fiddlers walking from train car to train car playing some tunes.  They loved our car.  They said we were the most fun and I believe them.  They had us dancing and making was SO FUN!

Then there is Erin.....we love Erin.  She found this microphone sitting there and decided she better put it to use.  Little did she know that it had speakers that went through the whole train, so everyone got to hear what she had to say!  We got a good laugh!

Glen and the girls made a run for the concessions.

Goodbye Heber Valley Railroad.  Thanks for the fun memories!

I'm so happy that we did this and we created these memories with all these awesome people.  We missed Paul and Joni but it was best for Paul to get some quiet and rest.  
This Labor Day weekend will go down as one of my favorite!

Labor Day Weekend & A Music Video

We spent our Labor Day weekend in Utah with Paul, Joni, Joel, Erin, and girls.  
We found a groupon deal for a nice resort up in Deer Valley and we all thought it would be fun to spend some time there. 

Saturday afternoon we had the funnest time creating a music video. 
The Paul Moore Foundation wrote to Jimmy Fallon about Paul's wish to be on his show.  The foundation people thought it would be fun if we created a video to also attach to their request of getting tickets.
So......creative minds started to get to work.

Erin and Joni took off for the costume stores and DI.  They found quite the treasures!  We knew what songs they were going to to lip sync before they left so they knew exactly what costumes they had in mind.
Joel trying out for the female part......

Then Glen got his turn......GLEN WON!  
Honestly, Glen really had a hard time playing the female part.  He wasn't very happy about it and it made for some high tension for a bit but in the long run he knew that everyone, mostly Paul, needed the laughs so he agreed to playing the part....on the condition that the video wouldn't be posted on social media. 

Eric made a great Grandma!

Erin really got into her part!

These guys are so cool!  We really had a blast!

I spent most of my time with these 3.  They were complete angels and had a blast just being together!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Grandma's Layovers

We love when Grandma has a overnight trip to Boise and we get to enjoy the luxuries of hotel living for a little bit!

Oh and spending time with Grandma is a major plus!  

Back to School 2015

Before we knew it it was time for school.  
Carter was the first one out the door and off to 7th grade!  He was all smiles the first day!

Next up, these two! The only time they will be in school together.  

I am not as nervous for Maggie to start kindergarten as I am about her going to first grade.  It gives me some time to prepare for that all day of school step!

Bess quickly ran into two friends and she was ready to see me off!  Fun girls!

Maggie was a little bit unsure but still excited and chose to stick closer to me. I'm ok with that!

Time to line up!

And off she goes!  She looks too little to be at such a big school. 

We had a fun first day of school lunch with some of our preschool friends and moms.  McDonalds is always an exciting place!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Floating the River

Our very favorite thing to do in Boise is float the river.  We love to do it as much as we can.  I finally took pictures of our very last float of the season. 

Dad and the girls together this time. 

Carter and I close by. 

The girls showing off their tricks of standing in the boat, or getting the water out of the bottom after going down the rapids!

Now Carter is showing his mad skills!

This little group of ducks decided to follow us for quite awhile or at least until they realized we didn't have any food for them. 

It's always nice to get out and dip your body into the water. 

I put Carter to work!

We are all so happy when we are together floating the river!