Monday, April 14, 2014

The Test by Carter Moore

We may have a poet in our family....hopefully he can make us some big money one day!

Girls Christmas Open House

Both girls had Christmas Open houses for dance this year.  It was fun to watch them and very entertaining!

Maggie loves her dance class and we sure enjoy watching her show us what she's learning each week.  Ms. Kimber does a good job teaching these little girls!

It's also fun to watch Bess and see how much she is progressing.  She really is the best dancer in her class.....maybe all these years of classes are finally paying off!

Eagle Christmas Parade

The city of Eagle put on a fun little Christmas celebration right down town Eagle.  There were lots of kid crafts and entertainment. 
It was a bit chilly but all were quite content hanging with their buddies.  

Maggie was the only one of my kids that would sit on Santa's lap.  Boo hoo! My kids aren't suppose to grow up!

Bess and Sara sipping their hot cocoa to keep warm. 

Funny boys!

Facing painting is always a hit for this one.  She had to go back twice!

Twins with their santa balloon hats and face paintings.

Maggie and Her Buddy Savanahh

Maggie has a very deep love for her 12 year old friend Savannah, and Savannah is very good with her. She never lacks for entertainment when she spends time with her.
Crazy girls!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dec. 5th the BIG 4-0

How lucky are we to have this guy in our lives?!!  He's truly the best father and entertainer to all.  We really are so much happier when he is around.

Even though we didn't do anything too exciting for this BIG birthday he still loves us just the same! 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tree Hunt

When we moved from Salt Lake we had to retire our very old artificial tree so that left us on the hunt for a new one.  
We decided to switch things up and do a real tree this year.  It was fun to go find just that perfect one! 

Later that night after setting up our tree Glen and Carter headed out to a BSU game.  I think they enjoyed their boy bonding time!

While us girls were quite content with a little frozen yogurt from our favorite Aspen Leaf.  It's safe to say everyone was quite content!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Does finding a note like this get any better?  Bess made this list of what she was thankful for at church. Funny thing is her teacher told me I needed to read it that Sunday that she wrote her list but I totally spaced it till a couple days later.  I was so happy to see it and really grateful that she was happy I "bore her!"

We had a very full house our first Thanksgiving living in Boise.
All of my siblings with their families plus my parents came to spend it with us.

We spent lots of time playing games, visiting, sleeping, relaxing, and just enjoying our time together!

The whole gang including Ryan's dog, Hooch. 

The saddest thing about our holiday is that these are the only pictures I got.  I need to be better about taking more pictures for the memories.  

Shortly after everyone pulled away from the long weekend this is how I found these two.  I think they were worn out!

My brother Ryan drove up from Seattle with his dog.  We then got to dog sit while he flew on to San Fran for a 49ers game. 

It was fun to dog sit for a few days but also fun to have his owner back and not feel that extra responsibility.  We all enjoyed Hooch!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day

Oh this cat that will eventually be the death of me!  

Midnight went missing for about 24 hours and it pretty much sent Carter into a panic.  The good dad that Glen is he helped Carter make these signs that he was insistent about making. 
They took about 30 mins hanging the signs all over the neighborhood for it only to downpour about a hour later, so we had white wet papers laying on the ground.

Luckily for Carter midnight reappeared just the very next day.  I was secretly hoping that he found another good family to adopt him, I mean I wouldn't want anything awful to happen to Midnight but if he found a awesome family that loved him how happy would that be?!

The cat just couldn't stay away!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Trip to Utah

We took a quick family weekend trip to Utah.....I am sure there was a reason, but I just don't really remember right now?  Either way we got lots of family and friend time in so that was reason enough!

Reunited and it feels so good!  Everyone was happy to see their Buddy Roe!

We had a extra bonus of getting together with our GOOD friends the Gygis.  Carter was hanging with his friend Chase so it was just the 4 of us plus we got to take Roe along with.  
These two girls are so fun to get together.  Never a dull moment or drama with these two and I love it!
And look how big that Betsy is!!!  Seems just like yesterday Jessica was telling me her big news!

A quick dinner at Hires, lots of good conversation and we were all happy! 

Back to Aunt Megan's for a bath.  Two naked bums!

It was the perfect weekend to be there because Grandma Berger happened to be visiting Paul, Joni, and girls.  
We went to a fun place for dinner and games.  It was another perfect night!

The games were a big hit with the kids and Paul!

Last minute pictures before we headed out.  I think you can tell who attended church that day and who didn't......

Trying to get a picture with everyone looking was not easy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Surprise Visitors, Fairies, and Friends "oh my"

Bess got a surprise visitor one Saturday morning.  Her friend Payton was in town for her sisters soccer tournaments so Bess got to spend the whole day showing Payton the ropes around her new home. 

The best was when they showed up to meet each other wearing the same exact shirt!  Cute cute girls!

Showing off our new home and the walls that were finally being framed in.

I found the cutest Fairy sleeping in my bed one day.  Love this little girl and the spunk that she carries with her.  I love it most when it's just her and I together.  We have a good time!

Maggie loves the whole "Howell 7 pack."  How could you not when they share their lunch with ya!  Thanks Nate.

Maggie was SO excited when her share day at school was to bring something pink.  Ummm hello, her favorite thing in the world is pink.  
Pretty sure I know that she took "puffs" off of that thing all day at school.  She's pretty crazy about it!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

House Progression

Here's the starting of all the house and through the months of October and November.  Fun stuff!

Then came the decision making of the inside of the house......SO MANY OPTIONS and very overwhelming. 

Carter's bathroom

Jack/Jill bathroom

My wood flooring that caused so much stress!  

Master bathroom


Most of my runs consisted of running by the house in the mornings.  It was fun to see it coming together.  

Glen really wanted a great back patio, it's something he really pushed for.  It may now be my favorite part of the house.  Let the entertaining start!