Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maggie's First Dentist Visit

To say Maggie was excited about this first visit to the dentist doesn't do it justice!  She talked about it for weeks and could hardly wait for the day to come.
I even quote her saying:

Maggie: "Mom do you know when I grow up that after I have my babies I want to be a dentist?!"

She wasn't near as excited when she found out she had 4 cavities that needed to be filled!!!

Carter Turns 12

Turning 12 is a BIG deal!  Maybe even a bigger deal for this mom.  
It means leaving primary and that's sad (again mostly for mom)!

Carter has a few obsessions with different foods.  One of them happens to be donuts!  What a way to wake up but to a donut pyramid and candle!  I think he was pretty happy about it!

Turning 12 means you become a deacon.....AHHHH!!!  Carter was excited for this.  He's been working on getting this part of the priesthood for awhile.
The crazy deacon's quorum came to get him from primary and show him the ropes.
After they were all together in their quorum Glen gave him a wonderful blessing.  It was a great sunday!

Even though I don't have pictures documenting his party, Carter had a great celebration.  Glen took him and 5 friends to paintball.  They had a blast!  They were gone for about 4 hours and came home to pizza and milk shakes (another one of Carter's food obsessions).  They played in the yard after for a bit since the weather was so great.  
I am pretty positive is saying he had a great day being celebrated!

February Treats

Maggie's preschool hosted a little mothers day program for us mothers.  They put on a little program full of songs and poems.  Next up we got to decorate and eat monster cookies together.  It was fun being with my girl and her preschool's a WAY cute group!

Her teacher made these silhouettes with the poem about tears that were flowing out of that room!  Dang her!  But I love this little profile and can't believe what a great job she did!

I love looking out our big back windows at the sunset each night.  They never really disappoint! 

Sad News/Good Friends

Some days life just really gets you down.  Mid-January we received a phone call that we will never forget.  Glen's mom called to deliver the news that Paul had been hospitalized and was having test/MRI's ran to determine that he had cancer. 
We were all so sad and in shock!  

Glen woke up early then next morning and headed to be with his family in SLC.  We are so lucky that the drive is only 5 easy hours and you are there, it helps, especially in times like this.
As awful as this situation is one thing I found to be true is you find out who your real friends are.  So many people were there for US....even though we felt like we needed to be there for Paul, people were here for us and I'll never forget those awesome friends!

Tuesday evening a good friend showed up at the door with a full meal....the kids and I were so happy and spoiled.

Wednesday morning a friend delivered coke and ice cream!  That definitely cured some blues.

Wednesday for lunch another friend dropped off my very favorite Zupa's soup & coke! 
I am so blessed with wonderful friends! 

This week was a rough one.  Lots of phone calls helped to ease our minds.  I never have to look far to find something that makes me smile....this week I really needed it so I found this extra special.
At preschool they must have been talking about emotions. 
Maggie helped me find (and her teacher, she made sure to send me a text to take a look at this paper) some sunshine on this gloomy January day!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pajama Day at Preschool

Lucky day for Maggie! It's not everyday you get to wear your jammies to school!  

I thought she would be elated especially since your PJs can include your very favorite blankie.

But I guess it was just too early to be smiling for a picture!

Olaf Drawings

Our last day at California Adventure we did something new that we haven't done on any of our other trips there before.  
It was called Animation Academy.  They teach you how to draw a character.  The day we were there we all drew Olaf.  




Mom and Maggie

So happy we took the time to do this.  It was fun!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Disneyland/Beach Day 3

We spent our last day/morning at California Adventure.  We had a choice because we only bought a 3 day pass but not hopper (a first for us).  

See they actually do like each other!

After spending a couple hours in the park I think we were ready to head for some quick beach time before our flight left that evening.  
It never took these 2 long once we got in the car to pass out!

We had to go to the beach that was closest to the airport that we were flying out of and Santa Monica was our best bet. 

We ate dinner right on the pier and then headed down to enjoy the ocean. 
It was so fun to think that in January back home it was freezing but we could get in our swim suits and sit on the beach enjoying the beautiful sun!

Maggie was in heaven....we should have spent more time at the beach!

I love these little curls that naturally come out when her hair is a little damp and stick around until they are brushed out....they make me happy!

We ended our time at the beach and realized we needed to race to the airport to make our little minor detail we spaced was TRAFFIC!!! 
So to make a long story short, the kids and I made our flight (because I checked us in early online) and Daddy missed his.  We kept hoping we would meet up with him on our quick layover in San Francisco but it didn't happen.  He was stuck there in San Fran and had to spend the night.
We were so sad our vacation was ending like this!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Disneyland Day 2

Our second day was spent at Disneyland.  We started out in Fantasyland with Peter Pan and Dumbo.  Dumbo is always a favorite!

While me and the older two went on Indiana Jones ride Maggie and Glen headed for the tree house.  I think everyone was happy with that choice except Carter....the noises and sights on the Indiana Jones ride scare him BUT he still wanted to come, just closed his eyes the whole time!

A family favorite is always Big Thunder Railroad!  We road this a couple times back to back....we were all pretty happy about it!

I could always skip the carousel but it seems like it always is a must when you have a little girl!

One of my favorite things about Disneyland is the parades.....very rarely do I make it through it with dry eyes.  Weird, I know! 
Glen always wants to keep going and not stop for them but this time I made sure we were watching.  I went and saved us seats about 45 mins before the show was even going to start.  
A yummy treat just helped set the mood!

Maggie was BEGGING us to let her get her face painted.  We avoided it as long as possible but this stand just happened to be right in the perfect place and the girl got lucky!  It's not everyday you go to disneyland, right?


It seems as if we finally were all able to do most of the rides.  We have always gone when we had a baby so I would just let Glen go with the older kids on the bigger rides while I waited.  So space mountain was a new ride for me.  Not my favorite but happy to say that I finally know what it's about.  

Disneyland Trip Day 1

We all woke up so happy the next morning!  We were ready to hit the park.  Glen had to work most of the morning and into the afternoon so we were left on our own.  We decided to start out that day at California Adventure.

First ride we RAN for was Cars.  We have been wanting to try this ride out for a long time and we know the lines there are LONG!  We only waited just a few short minutes.  It was perfect.

We had a blast!  They did a great job on this ride.....we couldn't wait for dad to come with us later that day!

Maggie was the only one really interested in seeing the characters.  We saw Sophia out quite a bit. 

Then we got hungry....and we bought the million dollar delish corn dogs.  The inside of me was dying as I watched my girls peel off the bread from theirs.  AHHHHH!!!!!  The best part! And that hot dog cost me $11!

Dad was finally done with work and met us just in time to just on another one of our favorite rides!  It's always good to see these two get along and smile at the same time!

We loved this Frozen theater that they did in the old Muppets building.  It was really funny and so fun to sing along to.

This was a first for most of us.....well me, Maggie, and Bess at least. Tower of Terror is now my favorite ride!  Well I hate it but I love it...that kind of ride.  We kept begging the kids to go with us again and I think the only one that would have probably been ok with it would have been Maggie.

Such a fun first day at California Adventure.  We ended the night with a DJ singing and the crowds dancing.  It was so fun!  But we were pretty tired and ready to head back to crash at the hotel!