Wednesday, May 18, 2016

.....the rest of the week

Carter and I spent the rest of the week in Utah while Bess and Maggie were in Montana.  

It was good to be there to help Joni and Paul.  Paul happened to be in the hospital at the time so I was able to go over and spend time with the girls so Joni could go be with him there.  

My friend Michelle gave me this pin while I was there visiting.........cancer is definitely sucky!

Reese loved this neighborhood kitty.  

We never were sure how much the kitty loved her though....she walked away with a few love scratches! 

These girls really are the sweetest!  

Especially when Reese is sleeping....ha ha ha!!!

Ellie got her choice of all the toys while Reese was asleep.  That made things easier! 

Carter was very sweet to play with girls.  We all really love Ellie and Reese!

It ended with being a not so great week with the news we received that Paul's treatments weren't working.  It shook us all about as much as hearing the originally diagnoses.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bess turns 10!

We celebrated Bess's birthday the night before her real birthday as the next day, her real birthday, we were heading to Utah for Bess and Maggie to fly with Grandma to Montana.
She requested just a family party and her favorite chocolate cake and ice cream. DONE!

The next morning she woke up 10!  We are all so lucky to have Bess.  She is so kind and thoughtful. Very rarely does she complain and just does what is asked of her. 

And she really is the very best big sister to Maggie!

The girls and I hopped in the car and headed to Salt Lake. 

We arrived with just enough time to sing happy birthday and have cake!

Aunt Brenda was very kind and made this cake for Bess.  We love love love her cakes!

These girls were so excited for what they had in store for the coming week.  They love being together.  We miss not living by Reese, she's one of our very favorite people.  Bess was so excited that she was able to spend her birthday with her cousin!

Now it's time to get to the airport and make the big exchange happen!  Whoo hoo!!!  
Grandma and the girls ready to meet grandpa at the Salt Lake airport to head to Great Falls!

Here's where the great exchange happens.  Grandpa flew in with the two boys after their week ended with him.  Now he was ready to have these 3 cuties!
The boys quickly filled the girls in on the do's and don'ts of the new treehouse and they were back in their moms arms!
Bye girls hello boys!

I can't lie....there were some major tears shed by these two boys telling Grandpa goodbye.  They really did cry themselves to sleep that night.  
My dad is truly the best.  I appreciate the time he took to be with his grandsons.  It's a time they will never forget, those summers in Montana!

I don't think I've ever seen bigger grins!  They are finally off on the week they have been waiting SO long for!

Down By the River

Glen, the girls, and I spent a Saturday afternoon playing in the water and sand just off the side of the road as you drive up to McCall.  
It was a very warm day so Glen, Maggie, and Bess each took turns jumping off various heights of rocks in the the water.  

Glen was a very willing participant in letting the girls bury him in the sand!

We sure love nice relaxing days like this!

Boys Paradise

I am most certain that if Carter could pick a destination to vacation for the rest of his life it would be in Montana (at Grandpa and Gramdmas).

This summer did not disappoint.  Grandpa was left alone with the boys this trip as Grandma was off flying (working).  Grandpa made sure he was very prepared with ideas of things to keep these two cousins busy.  
First up: building a tree house!  These boys were SO beyond excited about it & my girls terribly jealous!

It was fun to get the pictures of the progress throughout the week.  

Hiking and discovering in the coulee was also pretty fun!

And dinosaur/fossil hunting with Grandpa is always a must.......we always get a suitcase full of "treasures" when Carter comes home!

I loved the pictures that my dad would send at the end of the day.  Carter totally in his element!  

Wild bunnies too!!!!

Grandma Comes through Town

We got to have a fun evening of spending time with Grandma Berger on her way through town.
She was traveling from Richland over to Ashton.
We had a fun night of pizza and games at Big Als!

Heading Home

Sadly our Montana trip was not long enough this year.  We woke up pretty early so we could get a good start on the long drive ahead.  We were leaving Carter behind as he was staying the week with Grandpa and Sawyer.  
On our way home we stopped at our last lake of this tour of lakes.....Red Fish Lake.  We can't wait to go stay there some time.  It looks beautiful and the water is so clear!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 2

We knew that rain was in the forecast for the weather so we thought we better get out bright and early and enjoy the time we had.  

Attempting a group picture with this crowd is not easy!

I'm guessing having the sun in your eyes doesn't help much either!

The paddle boat is always a quick go to.  And easy for all ages. 

The boys taking naps with Grandma and Grandpa.  So sweet!

SCORE!  He wasn't one bit excited about this moment.  A well deserved moment at that!

Everyone else was equally excited, they just didn't put in all the work like Carter!

Uncle Scott decided to give the kids a ride on the paddle board, or maybe just dunk them....that's usually what he is up to!

Once the rain hit we had to move inside. 

My poor dad can't catch a break.  He gives the best back massages and one of us girls is always sitting by him so we can reap from the benefits (and we love him lots too).  So the boys all decided they needed to see what these back massages were about.  
They were equally as sold.  

I was hoping Glen was taking lessons! Ha ha.  Love my dad and Glen!

We were able to celebrate Morgan's birthday.  Happy Birthday to Morgs!

Carter very rarely stands in line to hold his baby cousin.  He was happy to finally get his turn.  

Maggie spent her time inside applying makeup!  Yikes!  But she was pretty happy about it!

We all are pretty worn out after a day on the lake, but the memories are so worth the tiredness!