Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We were very privileged to take part in some great service during the Christmas season.  One opportunity was serving at a homeless shelter in Nampa.
This shelter is in need of food donations and servers, which is great.  It feels good to serve and it's a wonderful experience for the kids. 

We prepared a spaghetti dinner at home and brought it to the shelter to the families living there.  

We also had a couple friends that wanted to help. 

This is definitely something we plan to continue doing.  We walked away SO happy that we could help but also so appreciative of what we have!

Christmas 2014

SANTA ARRIVED!!!!! & he left evidence behind!  His sleigh went right through our front yard!  It was so fun to wake up to his tracks.  We were lucky enough to even have some reindeer tracks left behind too!  Daddy got to clean that up!

Of course the kids were SO excited to wake up.  I don't know how much sleep they all got the night before with all the excitement.  They yelled for mom and dad at the top of the stairs to see if they could come down.  Dad escorted them down the stairs with their eyes shut, where they waited until we got the cameras ready!

Stockings are always a favorite of mine!  

Bess was not sure what to ask for from Santa this year.  So Santa was very creative and decided a sewing machine may make her happy.  HER happy......mom crazy!  Bess is going to teach me a thing or two and she can hardly wait to go to sewing camp with Grandma Berger!

Santa left Carter air soft guns - TWO in fact, 1 for him 1 for Dad!

Maggie also got a kid friendly sewing machine.  I think mom can handle the kid friendly part!

Games are a must on Christmas!

A sewing box for all her sewing paraphernalia! 

We had a great day!  None of us got out of our PJs, it was the best!  

Christmas Eve 2014

Since we were away from family this year we were lucky enough to have friends that were in the same boat and invited us over for a yummy prime rib dinner!
It was a fun night with Call Family and Jackson Family!  
We ended the evening together reading the nativity story from the bible while the kids put on a great act for us...it was perfect!

We got home in time for baths and our traditional open a present on christmas eve!  The kids decided to open the presents they got each other this year.

I think everyone was pretty happy with what they were given!

Time for bed and sweet dreams of what Santa would bring....but not before a family selfie!

Christmas Break

Our break consisted of being pretty lazy and just enjoying some down time!

We had the traditional nativity in primary the Sunday before Christmas.  It's always so sweet to see the kids all dressed up and reenacting such a sacred event!

OH MAN!!  Our dear friends in SLC sent the kids a heavy package that they could hardly wait to open.  Inside were these HUGE gummy bears!  They were pretty stoked... Mom not so much!  Littles, we will get you back!

We love driving around trying to find fun lights this time of year.  This house happens to be one of our favorites.  They have a radio station you tune in to and the lights go along with the song and jokes.  It's pretty fun!

Sleepovers in Mom and Dad's room is always a hit!  Don't let Maggie fool ya with her sleeping face....she was probably they last to crash!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

AAU Eagle 6th Grade Basketball

Carter tried out for AAU basketball this year.  They had 3 teams from his 6th grade class and Carter was lucky to make one of the teams.  

We loved watching this awesome team play!  They were such a fun group of kids that didn't take the whole game to serious!
They played 2 games each Saturday for about 6 weeks.  We really looked forward to his games.
They also had a playoff tournament.  
The cute team only made it through their first game but they still had fun!


EMS Christmas Concert

Carter had his Christmas choir concert right before Christmas break. 
They did such fun holiday numbers.  

All decked out in their holiday colors!

Carter was lucky to have his friend Josh to "suffer" (as Carter would put it) through choir this year......even though I think Carter really secretly enjoys IT!

Preschool Christmas Party

We have LOVED preschool with Ms. Amber this year! 
Maggie was so excited to give her her Christmas gift that she picked out.

She had a fun day celebrating with her preschool friends before they went on Christmas break.

Christmas Lights 2014

I feel like our lights were pretty perfect this year...just simple. A little snow on the ground would have added to their ambiance but most of us were quite content with them except Maggie.

"Why do we only have one lame straight line of lights?"


Glens 41st Birthday

We are so lucky to have this daddy of ours! He's so loving and caring!  Always putting our needs before his own.

Happy birthday GLEN!

Maggie Says

Mags says "what would you rather have? Braces on your teeth or to go to jail?"
Drrrrr....pretty sure her brothers current reaction to his new mouth full of braces has her thinking a night or two in jail would be better!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Wednesday morning the girls and I hopped in the car, really early in the morning, to head back to Boise to prepare for our company coming and Turkey day!

Right around dinner time these two clowns pulled up!  To say we were all excited is an understatement! 

Glen was out hanging Christmas lights so Eric went out to help out.

We ran over to our (mostly Glen's) favorite old school arcade restaurant to get sandwiches for dinner.  We all love Uncle Eric!

The next morning we were all up pretty early preparing food and playing in the turkey bowls.  Actually back up, Eric helped me the night before brine the turkey.  I was sure glad to have him around, as Glen would put it "he's a great chef" and this was my first year of preparing EVERYTHING on my own!  I was a little overwhelmed!

Glen and Madison went to play in a turkey bowl game while Eric and I got all the yummy food ready.

I think everyone found something they liked and we all walked away very full!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly relaxing.  Lots of picture taking, laughing, piano playing, visiting, eating......pretty perfect!

We did go to Target on Thanksgiving night for some pre-black Friday shopping.  Glen's big purchase was this 1000 piece puzzle.  

I think everyone had a turn in making sure we completed it before our company left. 

Saturday night was the big USU/BSU game.  For Glen's birthday present his mom bought him 3 tickets to the game. These lucky guys were the recipients of getting to enjoy the game with him.  Madison was already at the game cheering on the other side.  BSU ended up pulling out the win.  I am pretty sure Madison had to give Glen a foot rub that night......dang bets!

Sunday morning came quick.  We headed off to church and Madison and Eric headed back to college life.  We sure miss being so close to these guys in Utah but we are happy that they will still take the drive to come see us!  Thanks for the fabulous weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

We had a whole week off of school for our Thanksgiving break this year.....not really looking into this we had invited our "college kid relatives" to come spend their break with us. 
I decided that having a whole week off just sitting at home waiting for our visitors would be too hard!  So we headed down to spend the weekend and beginning part of the week in SLC.  
Carter decided to stay home and keep dad company so it was just the girls and I.

Nothing like a late night dinner of microwave mac and cheese!  These two are quite fond of each other!

We miss our little cousins!  Something we miss terribly is not being able to see them just whenever we want!

It was a quick few days filled with the things us girls love the most!  

What girl doesn't need a good red head in her life?  Bess is SOOOO lucky to have Mary!  We miss this girl and her fun antics!  Our trip is NEVER complete without seeing Mary.....AND HER FAMILY!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


BRRRR......we woke up one more to lots and lots of snow!  So much snow but mostly ice that they cancelled school.  The kids were so hoping this would happen, as the rumor was going on at school the day before that it just may be a snow day!

The kids couldn't gear up fast enough to get out there and play!

It was seriously so cold that my phone wouldn't even take a decent picture!

Good thing I had some simple crafts on hand to keep us busy.....we weren't going anywhere, it was SOOO icy!

The bummer deal of this whole snow storm was the way Boise handled the snow removal on the roads.  They weren't prepared for it and driving in it was a complete nightmare for over a week!