Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Disneyland Day 2

Our second day was spent at Disneyland.  We started out in Fantasyland with Peter Pan and Dumbo.  Dumbo is always a favorite!

While me and the older two went on Indiana Jones ride Maggie and Glen headed for the tree house.  I think everyone was happy with that choice except Carter....the noises and sights on the Indiana Jones ride scare him BUT he still wanted to come, just closed his eyes the whole time!

A family favorite is always Big Thunder Railroad!  We road this a couple times back to back....we were all pretty happy about it!

I could always skip the carousel but it seems like it always is a must when you have a little girl!

One of my favorite things about Disneyland is the parades.....very rarely do I make it through it with dry eyes.  Weird, I know! 
Glen always wants to keep going and not stop for them but this time I made sure we were watching.  I went and saved us seats about 45 mins before the show was even going to start.  
A yummy treat just helped set the mood!

Maggie was BEGGING us to let her get her face painted.  We avoided it as long as possible but this stand just happened to be right in the perfect place and the girl got lucky!  It's not everyday you go to disneyland, right?


It seems as if we finally were all able to do most of the rides.  We have always gone when we had a baby so I would just let Glen go with the older kids on the bigger rides while I waited.  So space mountain was a new ride for me.  Not my favorite but happy to say that I finally know what it's about.  

Disneyland Trip Day 1

We all woke up so happy the next morning!  We were ready to hit the park.  Glen had to work most of the morning and into the afternoon so we were left on our own.  We decided to start out that day at California Adventure.

First ride we RAN for was Cars.  We have been wanting to try this ride out for a long time and we know the lines there are LONG!  We only waited just a few short minutes.  It was perfect.

We had a blast!  They did a great job on this ride.....we couldn't wait for dad to come with us later that day!

Maggie was the only one really interested in seeing the characters.  We saw Sophia out quite a bit. 

Then we got hungry....and we bought the million dollar delish corn dogs.  The inside of me was dying as I watched my girls peel off the bread from theirs.  AHHHHH!!!!!  The best part! And that hot dog cost me $11!

Dad was finally done with work and met us just in time to just on another one of our favorite rides!  It's always good to see these two get along and smile at the same time!

We loved this Frozen theater that they did in the old Muppets building.  It was really funny and so fun to sing along to.

This was a first for most of us.....well me, Maggie, and Bess at least. Tower of Terror is now my favorite ride!  Well I hate it but I love it...that kind of ride.  We kept begging the kids to go with us again and I think the only one that would have probably been ok with it would have been Maggie.

Such a fun first day at California Adventure.  We ended the night with a DJ singing and the crowds dancing.  It was so fun!  But we were pretty tired and ready to head back to crash at the hotel!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Disneyland Trip January 2015

Glen had some work that he had to do in Southern California so we decided to make Maggie's dreams come true and take the kids along to spend the time in Disneyland.
We thought about surprising them but soon realized with all the work Carter was going to have to make up with school that they needed to work on some of it before we left.

We woke up really early Tuesday morning to make our flight in hopes that we could spend a half day at disneyland.  The morning we were set to fly out it was quite foggy in Boise and all over alot of the surrounding states.
We quickly found out that our flight that was suppose to leave at 9 am was changed to leave at 5 pm because of the fog delay.......we were SO bummed.  That meant our short trip was cut even shorter!

So we decided that instead of sitting at the Boise airport all day we would go home.  We dropped Glen off at work and as the kids and I were about home I decided that we couldn't just go home....that would be too depressing!  So we went to the new Paddington movie!  Popcorn and the theater make everything better!

FINALLY.....we were on our way!  Mickey shirts and all!

By the time we landed, got our rental car, and found some dinner it was pretty late.  We had some exhausted kids!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Maggie Days at Home

Maggie goes to school Tues, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  So we both really enjoy our down days of Monday and Friday, especially our lazy mornings!

I love how proud and protective she became over her CTR ring.  It's sweet to see her wearing it!

It's fun to play a good match game....even though Midnight thinks he's either going to join us OR....

ruin it!  Dang cat!

I love this sweet worn out little girl so much and I really look forward to our days when it's just the two of us enjoying our days together. 

Brace Face

The DAY finally arrived when Carter had lost (had teeth pulled) enough teeth to get his braces. 




Thursday, May 07, 2015

New Years in Utah

We timed our trip for New Years just right!  We were able to see Grandma Berger while she was down visiting Paul and Joni.  It was just perfect!

We spent a fun evening eating pizza, watching the tube, playing games, and just visiting.  
Maggie is especially fond of her girl cousins Ellie and Reese.  They all have a good time together!

We love Grandma Berger and her great big huge heart!  She has lots of love to go around!

Our Christmas gift from my parents was a get together downtown Salt Lake City.  We spent 3 nights at the Radisson Hotel.  The kids were in heaven!  Swimming pool with cousins and they are complete!

The Radisson is so close to the City Creek mall that we were able to quickly walk there, in the cold front, and enjoy the holiday decorations. 

What a beautiful view!  Those mountains are something I'll never take for granted.  We were so lucky to have them right in our backyard when we lived there.  We still miss them!

We all had a really good time just being together.  It had been quite awhile since all us siblings with our spouses had been together.  We always each too much, laugh alot, and go home exhausted.  
Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

1st Sewing Project Success

Bess could hardly wait (after seeing her new sewing machine left by santa) to get started on her very fist sewing project. 
We all decided sticking to a pillowcase may be the best for a first time seamstress!  

She's one very lucky girl to have an extremely go-getting patient father that took the time to work with her and whip this in just a few short hours!

We were all very happy with the outcome!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We were very privileged to take part in some great service during the Christmas season.  One opportunity was serving at a homeless shelter in Nampa.
This shelter is in need of food donations and servers, which is great.  It feels good to serve and it's a wonderful experience for the kids. 

We prepared a spaghetti dinner at home and brought it to the shelter to the families living there.  

We also had a couple friends that wanted to help. 

This is definitely something we plan to continue doing.  We walked away SO happy that we could help but also so appreciative of what we have!

Christmas 2014

SANTA ARRIVED!!!!! & he left evidence behind!  His sleigh went right through our front yard!  It was so fun to wake up to his tracks.  We were lucky enough to even have some reindeer tracks left behind too!  Daddy got to clean that up!

Of course the kids were SO excited to wake up.  I don't know how much sleep they all got the night before with all the excitement.  They yelled for mom and dad at the top of the stairs to see if they could come down.  Dad escorted them down the stairs with their eyes shut, where they waited until we got the cameras ready!

Stockings are always a favorite of mine!  

Bess was not sure what to ask for from Santa this year.  So Santa was very creative and decided a sewing machine may make her happy.  HER happy......mom crazy!  Bess is going to teach me a thing or two and she can hardly wait to go to sewing camp with Grandma Berger!

Santa left Carter air soft guns - TWO in fact, 1 for him 1 for Dad!

Maggie also got a kid friendly sewing machine.  I think mom can handle the kid friendly part!

Games are a must on Christmas!

A sewing box for all her sewing paraphernalia! 

We had a great day!  None of us got out of our PJs, it was the best!