Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Produce Runner

I have the cutest vegetable picker there ever was!  Maggie loves to watch over the garden with her dad. But her very favorite is bringing in the produce to Mom!  

6th Grade and 4th Grade


A few quick morning (fake) smiles before they head out the door!

I made Glen drop Carter off at school the first day....I just couldn't do it. Well I could do it but I couldn't do it by just letting him out of the car and driving off.  I felt like I would need to get out and go in with him and make sure he got his locker open and then make sure he found his right class first AND well, that's not okay anymore I guess!  So Glen took him and quickly dropped him off at the curb and drove off!  

But Bess, I still got to take her.  (sigh of relief)  

Sara and Bess showing off their new backpacks.  

Bess is excited to be on the lower campus of the school.  Just 4th and 5th grade classes are down there and it's one step closer to growing up!  
Bess has the new teacher at the school this year, Mrs. Garrett and she's awesome!  It's going to be a good year!

Carter did allow me to pick him up after school, however.  
It was kind of pure chaos trying to find him though.  So I finally just parked the car and told Maggie I would be RIGHT back.  

It took me way longer to find him then I thought when I hopped out of the car.  I couldn't believe all the kids with cell phones but after 15 minutes of looking I started to think that maybe I was the dumb parent! (but not really, we don't need a cell phone)

Sadly, this is what I came back to.  We still aren't quite sure what happened.  She said she was screaming for me because I was taking so long and then she saw blood.  So weird!  She's never had a bloody nose before either?!  What a mystery.....we ran home and cleaned her up and all was well!

Grandma Mary

One of the biggest reasons we went to Salt Lake was for this very special temple trip.  
My niece had asked that when she turned 12 if she could do the baptism for her Great Grandma Mary.  
She turned 12 in May and we kept trying to coordinate schedules so that all the husbands could be along too but it just wasn't working out. 
We finally decided we just wanted to get the baptism and confirmation done.  We will save the rest for ALL of us!

We were lucky to have Zac along with us so he could perform the baptism.  

It's really a day I will never forget!  The spirit was very strong and I know my Grandma was there with us!  
I am SO lucky for these sisters of mine, we cried and felt the spirit together!  
All of the temple workers told us that they could tell she was very important to us.  And it's very true, we've been waiting for this day for a long time now (even before her death just 18 months ago). 

That night we all went to sleep and rested very well.  Bess was so happy to have her cousin Reese over for a sleepover before our early departure in the morning!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Girls Trip to Salt Lake

Maggie and I packed up quick, one Sunday after church, to head to Salt Lake to pick up Bess from her Montana trip.  Carter had football commitments so we had to leave him behind to help Glen hold down the place.

We love spending time with Roe.....he's a busy handful for his mom so any distraction of having Maggie around for him is great!! 
We learned just how much he loves ketchup!

One afternoon we met Eric at the mall and had lunch.  
Of course while there Roe and Maggie spotted Build A Bear....UGH!  I try to avoid that place any and every way I can.  This time didn't work!  I figured her siblings each had a turn at building a stuffed animal before, she better get a turn too.

They were both pretty tickled with their new pets!

We also learned just what a large mouth Roe has!

One thing I have learned is that NO trip "home" is ever complete without a visit with dear old Mary!  We miss these guys!

And there is never lack for laughing when these two are together!

We always have to visit the old stomping grounds.  It's never a quick trip down the circle, we always have to stop and visit with all these great neighbors we miss!

Hike to Table Rock

These two guys took totally opportunity of the girls being out of town and hiked to Table Rock.  
That view is beautiful!  I think they are pretty happy they have each other to go on these adventures with!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Middles School Orientation

As much as I want to run and hide under a pillow FOREVER from middle school, its' here!  I have to face the facts.  Doesn't mean I am not sad but WE CAN DO THIS! or more like we HAVE to do this!

Carter and I headed over to the middle school to register him and getting him acquainted with his locker.

Carter was quite bummed that he just wasn't tall enough to get an upper locker but quickly learned having the lower lockers made unlocking your locker just a tad bit easier!  Maybe next year!!

And success.....he got it on only the 2nd try!

This kid is ready, his mom NOT!

Summer Evenings

As summer was quickly winding down and we had a few extra minutes to ourselves Maggie and I ran to the splash park one evening. 
Dad was gone out of town for work, Carter at football practice, and Bess off on her adventure to Montana.  That left just us!

Love cooling off to some misty water!

And her posing never ends!

After we picked Carter up from football and changed our wet clothes, we ran up to hit some fresh hot donuts from Krispy Kreme.  This happens to make both these two smile but it's really Carter's very favorite thing ever!

We are so sad that these nights of freedom are quickly coming to an end, school is a drag sometimes!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Montana Summers

And the tradition of going to Montana lives on!  

It's always a fight to see who is going to be the first group to get to go and always a fight to see who gets to stay the longest but everyone always comes home so much happier!

First group up this year: Maggie and Sawyer

Next up: Parker and Carter
these two have been making this trip for quite a few years now....I hope they never outgrow it!

And last: Reese and Bess

Grandma and Grandpa sure are awesome for making it a priority to do this every year and these kids are very lucky to have the opportunity.  I love the memories they are making and the fact that you get to make them with your cousin just makes it even better!

Our Favorite Visitors

We had the best 3 day visit with our old neighbor/friends from Salt Lake.  We really have missed this awesome family!
Jessica was around 8 when we bought our home there.  I still remember her little busy body self bopping her way up to our house to meet us all on her own.  And now I have these 2 busy body girls that miss her like crazy! 

We really didn't do anything too exciting, it felt good to just hang out and be together.

Jessica brought her nail stuff and treated all us girls to beautiful nails.  My girls were in heaven!  
Bess decided last minute that she didn't want a huge birthday party but just wanted a few of her close friends to come over and have a late night.  This included Jessica doing their nails.  It was a fun night full of laughs, yummy food, and lots of visiting!

Everyone had to take a turn showing off their talents. 

We took a small little jaunt down by the green belt in Eagle and afterwards went for yummy desserts at Kneaders.

Laurie we ALL miss you!  I still talk to Laurie almost weekly, she catches me up on what I am missing in the old neighborhood.  It sure is a good place to be!

We completed their visit with a rafting trip down the river.  We had 3 different rafts and all did raft switching throughout the trip.  But I mostly stayed with Jessica.  I have really not laughed that hard in a really long time.  Us trying to man that boat and getting it where it was suppose to be had to be one of the funniest things ever!  We ran into alot of trees limbs and may have almost had our heads taken off a couple times but it sure was fun!

Our completed nail!

We sure love the Leonhardts!  Now bring on more visitors!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Bess Turns 9

My sweet loving girl turned 9.  Bess is really the easiest person to get a long with.  She's the cuddly, giving, peacemaker in our home!

Her birthday, just like Maggie's, fell on a Sunday this year.  I think it just caused us to celebrate EVEN more!

I forgot to get a picture of her right when she woke up, but this will have to do!

We had all of Bess's favorite foods that day and opened ALL her presents.  One of her gifts was the game of LIFE.  It was the perfect thing to have to do when your birthday falls on Sunday!

Bess pretty much always requests Pazookies for her birthday treat!

One of our favorite traditions is to watch the kids birth videos on their birthdays.  We all enjoy going down memory lane and the kids love to hear the stories.  
I never ever turn off those videos without tears streaming down my face. 
It really just seemed like I was bringing this baby home from the hospital.  It seems like I was just figuring out what an awesome sleeper she was and how much she loved her binkie!
It goes SO crazy fast!

I love my Bess!