Thursday, March 26, 2015


Wednesday morning the girls and I hopped in the car, really early in the morning, to head back to Boise to prepare for our company coming and Turkey day!

Right around dinner time these two clowns pulled up!  To say we were all excited is an understatement! 

Glen was out hanging Christmas lights so Eric went out to help out.

We ran over to our (mostly Glen's) favorite old school arcade restaurant to get sandwiches for dinner.  We all love Uncle Eric!

The next morning we were all up pretty early preparing food and playing in the turkey bowls.  Actually back up, Eric helped me the night before brine the turkey.  I was sure glad to have him around, as Glen would put it "he's a great chef" and this was my first year of preparing EVERYTHING on my own!  I was a little overwhelmed!

Glen and Madison went to play in a turkey bowl game while Eric and I got all the yummy food ready.

I think everyone found something they liked and we all walked away very full!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly relaxing.  Lots of picture taking, laughing, piano playing, visiting, eating......pretty perfect!

We did go to Target on Thanksgiving night for some pre-black Friday shopping.  Glen's big purchase was this 1000 piece puzzle.  

I think everyone had a turn in making sure we completed it before our company left. 

Saturday night was the big USU/BSU game.  For Glen's birthday present his mom bought him 3 tickets to the game. These lucky guys were the recipients of getting to enjoy the game with him.  Madison was already at the game cheering on the other side.  BSU ended up pulling out the win.  I am pretty sure Madison had to give Glen a foot rub that night......dang bets!

Sunday morning came quick.  We headed off to church and Madison and Eric headed back to college life.  We sure miss being so close to these guys in Utah but we are happy that they will still take the drive to come see us!  Thanks for the fabulous weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

We had a whole week off of school for our Thanksgiving break this year.....not really looking into this we had invited our "college kid relatives" to come spend their break with us. 
I decided that having a whole week off just sitting at home waiting for our visitors would be too hard!  So we headed down to spend the weekend and beginning part of the week in SLC.  
Carter decided to stay home and keep dad company so it was just the girls and I.

Nothing like a late night dinner of microwave mac and cheese!  These two are quite fond of each other!

We miss our little cousins!  Something we miss terribly is not being able to see them just whenever we want!

It was a quick few days filled with the things us girls love the most!  

What girl doesn't need a good red head in her life?  Bess is SOOOO lucky to have Mary!  We miss this girl and her fun antics!  Our trip is NEVER complete without seeing Mary.....AND HER FAMILY!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


BRRRR......we woke up one more to lots and lots of snow!  So much snow but mostly ice that they cancelled school.  The kids were so hoping this would happen, as the rumor was going on at school the day before that it just may be a snow day!

The kids couldn't gear up fast enough to get out there and play!

It was seriously so cold that my phone wouldn't even take a decent picture!

Good thing I had some simple crafts on hand to keep us busy.....we weren't going anywhere, it was SOOO icy!

The bummer deal of this whole snow storm was the way Boise handled the snow removal on the roads.  They weren't prepared for it and driving in it was a complete nightmare for over a week!

A Girls Weekend Away to Montana

Glen was kind enough to let me run away for a quick 3 day weekend away to visit my family in Missoula, Montana. 

I was so excited when I hopped on the plane in Boise to find I had the whole row all to myself.....this trip was shaping up nicely. 

My mom picked up at the airport in Salt Lake.  We had a couple of hours before our flight out.  It was fun to see a few familiar faces and get some Cafe Rio for dinner.
We had a late night flight so by the time we actually got on the plane we were ready to sleep!

I love going to my Aunt Sheila's house.  It's so beautiful.  Her house overlooks the beautiful Missoula valley.  It's always so peaceful there and she's a very awesome host.  

We had a great weekend relaxing, shopping, going to the movies, eating, and helping my cousin Abby move into her new home!  

Sisters!  These two remind me of my girls, they have always looked different from one another! One dark/one light!

It was a perfect weekend to spend with family.  I really look forward to these times and really appreciate Glen giving me the opportunity to do it!

Visiting Santa Early

As quickly as Halloween went down Christmas stuff went up!  Maggie thought it was so fun to run into this Santa!  
She does a good job of making her siblings laugh!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Play Date

I think Maggie was very wise in her friend selection!  She got invited to go play at her friend Kenley's after preschool one day.  
I kept getting sent pictures of them riding on Kenley's horses. 
Maggie loves going to her house because it's full of animals, it's the best!

Maria (Kenley's mom) also happens to be Uncle Paul's really good friend from high school.  It was fun to make the connection.  Not only that, Maria's dad was Glen's scout leader growing up.....I have heard all sorts of stories for years from all the boys on Elray Hendricks!  It was fun to finally put some faces to those stories!

We are lucky to have these friends here!

Halloween 2014

The weather was just too perfect this year to carve our pumpkins outside.  Mom was really happy about that too because the mess was easy clean up out there!

And the finished products....we were pretty traditional this year!
Glen and the kids grew those big orange pumpkins, they were awesome!

And here were are!  Ready to go score some candy!  Bess was Alice from Alice in Wonderland (grandma Berger sewed her costume YET Again! lucky lucky girl). 
Maggie was Cinderella and Carter was.....we aren't so sure? But it's what he wanted and it made him happy!

We walked around as a family down in the neighborhood below us.  Normally one of us will stay home to hand out candy but since there is only 7 houses up here we knew we wouldn't be hit too hard! We left some candy on the porch with the pumpkins lit hoping people would still feel welcome.

It was a beautiful evening out.  It was fun to visit with friends and enjoy watching the kids get excited about all the craziness that was going on!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Middle School Choir

In middle school, your 6th grade year, you have to pick choir or band as an elective.  When Carter couldn't decide what instrument he would play his dad convinced him that choir was really awesome and he should take choir instead. 

Carter complains off and on about not liking choir but his body language speaks differently at those concerts!  You would think he enjoys it somewhat from his facial expressions.....he gets into character!  

It's weird to think I have a middle schooler and to go to his choir concerts makes it even more strange!  I'd like to say I don't fit in....but reality is I DO and I have to accept getting old(er) and my kids growing!

Lucky for him his good friend Josh chose choir too, everything is better with a friend!

A Man and His Horse

I picked up my phone not long ago to find this picture in my text messages from my dad.
This is my 95 year old grandpa and his 41 year old horse named Sage.  
It's not very often that you find a horse that lives to be 41 and it's amazing to think of the memories that these two have together!
(Sage passed away in January 2015)

I will always cherish this simple picture.  It brings back so many memories from those days out on my grandparents ranch....what I wouldn't give to go back and enjoy those childhood days of running free out on those plains of the Montana/Canadian border!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Primary Program 2014

This years primary program was one that will go down in history.  It is Carter's last & Maggie's first!

They all did awesome!  It's my very favorite sacrament meeting of the whole year!

Long Live the Naps

Maggie has long ago given up her naps.....but some days are either just too dang boring or exhausting and she will crash!
Now why don't I stop and lay down with her?  That's the next plan!

I am pretty positive that she exhausts herself most of the time, she goes and goes!
Here she is showing me her "punching bag" in the back of her throat!