Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 2

We knew that rain was in the forecast for the weather so we thought we better get out bright and early and enjoy the time we had.  

Attempting a group picture with this crowd is not easy!

I'm guessing having the sun in your eyes doesn't help much either!

The paddle boat is always a quick go to.  And easy for all ages. 

The boys taking naps with Grandma and Grandpa.  So sweet!

SCORE!  He wasn't one bit excited about this moment.  A well deserved moment at that!

Everyone else was equally excited, they just didn't put in all the work like Carter!

Uncle Scott decided to give the kids a ride on the paddle board, or maybe just dunk them....that's usually what he is up to!

Once the rain hit we had to move inside. 

My poor dad can't catch a break.  He gives the best back massages and one of us girls is always sitting by him so we can reap from the benefits (and we love him lots too).  So the boys all decided they needed to see what these back massages were about.  
They were equally as sold.  

I was hoping Glen was taking lessons! Ha ha.  Love my dad and Glen!

We were able to celebrate Morgan's birthday.  Happy Birthday to Morgs!

Carter very rarely stands in line to hold his baby cousin.  He was happy to finally get his turn.  

Maggie spent her time inside applying makeup!  Yikes!  But she was pretty happy about it!

We all are pretty worn out after a day on the lake, but the memories are so worth the tiredness!

We made it!

We left McCall super early so we could get on the road and hopefully get to Flathead Lake early enough to enjoy most of the day on the lake.

It's always the best feeling to come down this hill and look over to see the beautiful blue waters of Flathead!  It's always a game as to whom can see it first.

We beat everyone to the cabin so we quickly got out on the lake.  Love this lake house and all the childhood memories I have from being here.  So happy I can share it with my kids!

Glen and Bess quickly found the paddle board.  That water is pretty cold! They are brave!

Glen giving it a try....

....almost there

TA DA!!!! He did it.  The fall after getting up was pretty awesome too!

Bess decided to give it a go. 

How come things are so much easier as a child?  She did awesome!

And here is where you will find Carter for the rest of the trip!  Fish crazy kid!

The Road Trip to Montana-McCall Idaho

Our grand Montana summer of 2015 trip was underway.  We were super excited to get THERE just not near as excited about the long slow windy trip we had ahead of us.  
We decided to start the trip out by spending 1 night in McCall.  
It's always a fun place to be, especially in the summer!

Everyone wanted to get their suits on ASAP and hop in.  

Maggie loved standing next to the 5.....she's pretty excited that she finally can own it!

We decided to hit up the Pancake House for dinner.  Carter chose a cinnamon roll for his dinner.  We challenged him that he couldn't finish it.......

he did it, mostly!

Maggie is in a stage of loving sausage.  She was pretty excited about just how large they cook theirs.  Everything is just a little bit bigger at the Pancake House, including smiles!

Carter is not feeling so well after the big yummy cinnamon roll!

We finished the evening off by having a walk on the beach.  Such a peaceful busy place!

And the two brace faces!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Summer Chores

Early in the summer I realized I needed to keep these kids busy or else we might not survive!  Just what would that busy be?  
Well this day it was chores!  And it worked!

Maggie Turns 5

She went to sleep 4 and woke up 5!  Maggie has asked us for a countdown of how many days till her birthday for almost the whole year.  This girls loves to party and she loves even more that it's all about HER!

Easy enough because we love to show this girl how much we love her!

Of course the whole day was spent doing all things Maggie!  

We were hoping to plan a friend party, that never happened, yet 6 months later she still asks me when it's going to be.....AHHHHH!!!

We had waffles, present opening, and her friend Khloe over for the evening.  

She was pretty pleased with how HER day turned out! (but still wondering about that friend party!)