Monday, July 21, 2014


Nothing makes this girl happier than gratifying her sweet tooth!

Moving/packing is NOT COOL!

There are a lot of awful things in the world and I decided moving IS ONE OF THEM!  It almost seems like a slow death when you are in the process of it and you quickly want to forget about how that feels as soon as you are done. 

I decided that stairs without carpet are the best.  So easy to clean and having a central vac may be my new best friend on those stairs.  In fact that central vac is just a part of our furniture, it's always out and pretty much always going!

The day after moving in and having stuff everywhere this is where I found Maggie asleep. She made herself a bed!  Moving exhausts her too!

But here we are and happy to finally be IN!

We Can Move In!

While I was away attending all the wonderful events in Utah Glen was preparing for our move.  It was a frustrating weekend for him because he really wanted to be with us and support our friends and family but it was so close to move in date that he thought he better stay behind.  Ended up that he should have just come along because not much moving could happen.  The builders weren't completely done.  Glen was very upset but he made sure they knew and everything was finished the next weekend.  And then the moving began!  YUCK!!!

*these pictures are solely for my journaling of building this house, I know seeing these over and over are boring but ignore these posts!

Pre-movein pics:

Front door all painted

Office sliding doors painted (but window protection not taken off yet)

Carter's bath

Great room off the kitchen.  Notice there is no doors on the cabinets anywhere? Yeah we had to wait on that after being in our house for a couple weeks...grrrr!

Beautiful big back porch. 

Windows into the great room off the back porch.


Upstairs great room with little kitchen area

Desk area in my kitchen

Half bath downstairs

Reese's Baptism and Grandma's Birthday

While in Utah for the wedding it just happened to be a perfect weekend full of special events, we were lucky that it all fell on the same weekend!
Reese was FINALLY baptized, healthy and happy! Bess and Reese are the best of cousins and friends.  It's sad that they aren't growing up in the same city anymore but they really don't miss a beat when they see each other again.  I love watching their fun relationship!

We were also able to celebrate Grandma's birthday!  Lucky us to be with her on her birthday & to share that yummy cake that Brenda made.  

We all sure love her!  Happy birthday Mom!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


My dearest long time friend Debbie finally tied the knot!  This is the girl I met when I moved to Utah when I was 18 and was dying to be married at 18.....yet the very last of us to get married.
Debbie and I were roommates up until she went on her mission and I got married.  We have always remained close, both physically and emotionally.  I love this southern girl!

Glen was not able to make it down to Utah with me to the wedding.  We were suppose to close on our house and we had lots that needed to be done, like packing!
So he and Carter stayed behind and did the not so fun work!  The girls and I made the drive down, it was a fun girls weekend.  

Debbie married a man that has 3 children.  They have them full time, what a fun thing to be thrown into, right!
Their sealing was awesome!
She had about 8 girls, me included as bridesmaids.  She wanted us to wear a shade of pink, grey, or white!  

These girls are two of my all time favorite people.  NEVER am I with them both and not laughing so hard I am crying.  It must be something about that southern blood (Lora is from Alabama and Debbie from North Carolina).  
We've been through alot together.  It's been fun watching each other raise kids, grow, and get wiser! BUT NOT OLDER!

Happy Wedding Day Deb, Feb 28th. 

More House Progress....

Our move in date is scheduled for the beginning of March.....looks like we may be cutting it awfully close!

Rock is finally up.  Even though I didn't ever want rock on the house (had to have it with the CC&Rs) I am happy with how it turned out.  The siding now needs to be painted.

Stairs with the first coat of stain on them.  I was hoping more for the gray color to show up then the brown but yet again once it was all finished they looked great!

The fireplace was something that we kind of forgot to plan up until the very last minute but I KNEW exactly what I wanted so it was easy....well for me! It was the workers that had to travel all over town finding what it was that I was describing!  They did awesome.

Lighting in the master.

Lighting in Carter's bath.

I love this light that I picked out for about my dining table.  

More lighting!

And the piece that all my other lighting was planned around.....we love this chandelier the very most!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

UPward Basketball

Carter and his buddy Josh (in the orange next to him) signed up to do Upward basketball this last winter.

Upward is a christian league here.  The games were always entertaining to attend.  There was always a prayer and a bible such story told at each game.  
They practiced one night a week for 2 hours.  I really noticed Carter starting to excel, I think he's now decided (for this season) that basketball is his favorite sport to play!

They also had a blown up tunnel that they would turn off the lights, have a strobe light going, and the boys would run of the tunnel while their names were being announced nice and loud.
Carter really enjoyed thinking of what cool dance or pose he was going to pull while coming out of the tunnel!

They did awesome and made it pretty far in their bracket.  

February House Progress

Getting close!

This floor in my laundry/mud room happens to be one of my very favorite things.  So glad I did this herringbone pattern. 

The hardwood flooring is finally going was quite the mess with making final decisions on this flooring.  The flooring I found on day 1 of picking everything out was not going to be in until April so we scrambled to find something similar.  
I loved that first flooring alot so it was going to be hard to match up, but I am not very happy with the white oak floors and the finish that we created to go on them.  

Master Bath

Carter's bath upstairs

Girls jack/jill bath upstairs

Farm sink

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Carter Turns 11

He just keeps aging me!  I ask my kids to stop but they just don't!

Carter wanted to take his class treats on his birthday and he LOVES Krispy Kreme and requested that I bring those in for his class.  I took the treat a day early because I knew on his actual birthday (valentines day) they would have WAY too many treats already. 

His teacher has the student come up to the front of the room, after handing out their treat, and she asks them a few questions.

After the questions she has the birthday kid take the first bite of the treat and then the kids are allowed to eat their treat!

The morning of his birthday he's still eating Krispy Kreme!

This year Carter wanted a new bike.  It's a pretty sweet one too!

I sure love this "little" boy that made me a mom.  He's still training me and keeping me on my toes but I wouldn't have it any other way!  He's a sweetheart!