Friday, August 29, 2014

3rd Grade Party

I volunteered to help with Bess's class party.  They combined with the other 2 classes and made it a big party of A Minute To Win It.  I think they all enjoyed it. 
I ended up arriving a little later and so they didn't really need my help.  BONUS!  I got to walk around with her group and watch her be awesome at each station. 

Bess and her bud Sara!  Love these girls!

The Life of a Cat

Midnight sure does have it hard! 
Cats lead the most mysterious life.  At least ours does.  
He will be gone sometimes for almost 48 hours. Then come home and eat and sleep and sleep and sleep some more. 
We aren't quite sure what he does when he's gone for all those hours but it sure must be exhausting!

5th Grade Graduation

Carter had is big 5th grade graduation and music concert about a week before school was out.  
Their theme was the 50's. They all dressed up and sang all songs that were around in the 50's.  It was fun to listen to the music!  They did an awesome job!

After the music program they had all 3 5th grade teachers give each kid an award.  Each teacher had something to say about each and every kid.  

We REALLY love Mrs. Bunn!  You can just feel her love for these kids too.  She teaches because she truly enjoys it and the kids feel that!  We really are going to miss her but only hope that Bess will have the opportunity to get her also!

Carter was awarded the Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award.  We couldn't be more proud of him!  

Sadly, now we are on to middle school.  BLAH!!!
How lucky for us though, we have an IN with the middle school.  Grandma Berger use to teach 6th grade there.  
She was SOOO thoughtful and took a rode trip down just to visit and walk through the school with Carter.  He really was looking forward to her do this and it really put his mind at ease!

It was a fun time to have Grandma Berger come.  She brought Aunt Rae and anytime those two are together you always know a good time will be had!
She treated the kids to an end of school dinner at Texas Roadhouse!  
We sure do love her lots!

Summers a Comin'

Bess made her summer bucket list at school.  It was pretty fun to read what exciting things she had on her agenda!

She's been begging me to take sewing classes.  I really need to either send her to Grandma's for a quick week summer crash course or find someone that teaches sewing classes. 

And the visit Hawaii with her family....well that would be fun!

My picky little eater!  At least she's willing to give some new things a chance.

Friday, August 15, 2014

1st Year Preschool Graduate

Maggie had a great first year of preschool.  She loved going to Ms. Janice and seeing all her cute friends that she made.  

They had a end of the year party at a park with a picnic and popsicles. 

Hadley, Ali, and Maggie

It was so fun to meet Janice Atwood and make SO many connections with her.  It's kinda funny how small town Boise can actually be!  (glen and his brother dated her daughters)

Preschool always wore her right out!  And these peaceful afternoon naps were the best!

Oh My!

An evening in the park turned into this!  It started with an ice cream cone and sand to finish off the stickiness!

Nothings screams summer is right around the corner more then a sandy, dirty, smiley face!

Memorial Weekend Visitors

Over the long Memorial day weekend we had some of our very favorite visitors.  Everyone is so content when they are with the Fentons because everyone has a friend.  We were all so excited to hear they were coming to spend some time with us here and we could show them what spring was like in Boise.

We started our time off by eating pizza down by the river.  
It didn't take the kids long to jump right in the water and find fun little creatures.  

Everyone had to show how brave they were and hold the snake! Well everyone but the moms!

Little boy heaven right there!

Next up were my kids showing off their rope swinging skills.  Carter hopped right on and didn't look back.  

Parker decided that it didn't look too scary and decided to take the next plunge. 



Reese took a little more coaxing and maybe some chanting of her name BUT she did it and loved it!

The river is one of our favorites and were happy to show it off. 

The next day we did more touring and walked around on the green belt down by the river by BSU.  Still lots to explore!

We stopped for lunch at Fancy Freeze, another one of our favorites! Everyone left happy and full. 

These cute cousins are so lucky to have each other.  With only 3 months between them they have always been the best of buddies!  I love watching them with each other.  We miss the weekend sleepovers and all the extra activities we got to do with them in Utah but we will take what we can get and FaceTime is a constant!

The kids begged us to ride the paddle boats at Julia Davis park.  Since we had never done it we thought it was a perfect time to take the plunge. 
We all loved it and tried having a few races and showing off some tricks.

We finished the night off with spaghetti and rootbeer floats in the drive way.  

I think I can pretty much speak for all that it was a pretty perfect day!

The next morning the Fentons loaded up their van and headed for home.  I promised the kids that we would kid swap this summer and have more time to show them our surroundings. 

Famous Potato 1/2 Marathon

Early in Oct. 2013 my friend Karen invited me to do the Yellowstone Half Marathon with her.  Well it wasn't scheduled until the 3rd weekend in June and I figured I would take the challenge and at least train for it.

I did train and actually didn't really mind the training but as June started to creep closer and closer I started to stress about the date of the race.  It was not going to be a good weekend for me.  I could make it work but it was going to cause stress on my family big time. 
I decided I would see what if there were any local 1/2 marathons here.  I figured doing one here was probably alot easier without the travel.
I found the YMCA's Famous Idaho Potato race and immediately signed up before I could cancel out all together.  It was going to cut my training time because it was a month earlier but I knew I just needed to  DO IT!

My awesome friend Karen decided the night before the race to sign up herself so we could do it together.  She's so great!  I really appreciated her doing that for me.  

We started up at Lucky Peak Reservoir and ended at Ann Morrison Park.  
I really enjoyed the first 6 miles of the race.  It was so beautiful and pretty easy going for me.  We ran down hill for almost the whole 6 miles and right next to the river. 
I didn't stop till mile 6 to walk and then it was a little rough until mile 10.  And after that it was just almost miserable.  I really thought at mile 12 I was done, but realized I had 1 whole mile left, I really wanted to just lay down and be done BUT I creeped along knowing the finish line was semi close.

The greatest part was seeing my sweet family as I came around the corner off the bridge.  They were there to cheer me on and greet me.  
Carter and Bess continued to run with me through the finish line, I loved that!  

I hope to make this run a tradition.  I promised myself I at least wanted to get 3 medals, 1 for each kid.  I think I have 2 more in me?!

I know that I can do hard things because of my family!


I couldn't have been in a better place at a better time to capture this picture.

The girls were out riding on Maggie's jeep having a good ol' time.  I asked them to stop so I could snap a picture.  Bess stopped and then.......

went to do her crazy pose and her foot hit the gas pedal. 
And off Maggie went.  And I happened to snap the camera right at the perfect time!

*Maggie really was uninjured, just a bit scared or caught off guard

Dance Fans

One thing we were really sad about missing out on in our move here was our fan club at all our different school, sporting, and dancing events.  
I think my awesome family was aware of my sadness on this and decided to make a visit for the girls dance recital. 

Maggie and Roe talk on FaceTime quite regularly and they both always love to see each other!  

Aunt Megan and Roe came into town first.  We sure miss these two!

Grandma and Kurtis came a couple days later for the BIG event!

Both Bess and Maggie were so excited that Megan was here to pamper them and make them beautiful for the big night!

Maggie was really digging this makeup thing.....Maybe a little too much!

The girls did awesome on their dances.  Maggie just had 1 dance and loved being on up the stage.  She kept calling it "the big show."  We were so proud of her!

Bess had a ballet number and jazz.  She really shines up on stage.  She loves the performing part of dance for sure.  She was front and center on both of her dances.  Love my dance girl!

Love our fan club!