Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Mommy/Maggie Trip

Since the older kids are in school and Glen is working, Maggie and I decided we needed to take a quick trip to Salt Lake, just the two of us.  
I honestly was a little nervous of the car ride alone with her.  I wasn't sure how she would do without my helpers to entertain her. 
SHE WAS A ANGEL!  I have decided there is not a better way to travel with her then just her having the car mostly to herself.  All she needed was her blankie.  She didn't even really want to chat with me, she just liked the quiet!

Nothing like a little white trash bathroom break along the way!  Everything about this picture makes me sick, I can't believe I even let it happen.  But she needed to use the facility and it needed to be quick!

We were so excited to see this little face.  He was pretty happy to have visitors too!

I really miss my runs on these tree lined felt good to be back.

Maggie was in heaven.  She had these cousins all to herself one evening.  Usually she has to share with her siblings and they don't find Maggie near as exciting but this time she was the bees knees and she soaked it in!
We really miss living by our cousins! 

And while they played I got this little guy to myself.  I think we all won that evening!

Maggie was just as awesome on the way home as she was headed there.  We stopped for some quick lunch.  She always asks me to take pictures of her by these signs, it cracks me up!

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Moore fun in Colorado! said...

Those pictures of children really are professional. Your training paid off. Glad Maggie enjoyed the trip and that quiet can be a nice time together.