Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Lot/Home

Of course with a move comes the thought of "where will we live?".  So we began our search by looking mostly/only in Eagle since Glen's company he works for is located in downtown Eagle.  
We looked at mostly homes that had been built within the last 10 years and found a couple that we liked enough but knew we would have to add our own look or touches to the home to make it more our own.
We never really thought about building or wanted to build but we soon discovered that by the time we added our touch to a already built home that we would almost be at the same price as if we were going to build & it just so happened that the perfect lot opened up and we quickly snagged it up.  

The new development is only going to have about 27 homes and is called Lions Gate.  We bought lot 17.  It's a little bigger then what we were looking for at almost 1 whole acre but the price was just right.  
We were able to find our rental in the same ward and schools as where we were building so it was perfect.  In fact it's almost exactly 1 mile from our current rental property!  

Right behind our lot is a pasture with a couple lamas and goats.  The kids love visiting them!

I was so excited to finally see some progress one early Sept. morning.....a port a potty has got to mean big things coming, right?!

More progression pictures to follow. 


Maude said...

Llamas in the back yard is the most exciting ever!! I remember that farm from when I taught there. Can't wait for more updates.

Love you all.

Maude said...

When do we get to see house photos? :)