Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monroe (Roe) Kurtis Hilton January 3, 2013

My baby sister had her first baby on January 3rd.  Its been so fun to be here with her through the pregnancy woes and watching her become a new mom.  I am so lucky to have two wonderful sisters that I relate to so well.  We truly are best of friends, even if we are 10 years apart.  Age truly doesn't matter!

Megan was induced as she was a full week overdue.  Poor girl!  She handled it like a champ though! I happened to be getting some tests done at the hospital the same morning at that same hospital so I popped in to see how she was progressing and say hello!  

It seemed surreal to see it was really going to happen for them.  He was coming!!  Ready or not! 

After she labored most of that day, she invited my mom, my sister, her mother in law, and I all down to hang out in the room.  She really was so calm and great about all of it.  I honestly couldn't believe how she handled it all.  It was fun to be in the room and to be a part of the excitement.  
The nurse came in and finally told us it was time!!!! Yikes!  We bid them farewell and good luck and moved across the hall waiting to hear those first cries.  

Not too much later, we heard him!  Those are the sweetest sounds ever.

The big guy was finally here!  He was wide awake and very coherent.  He was wanting to take everything in!

There really is nothing I miss more then that feeling of bringing a new baby into the world!  It's just like heaven!  And I thank Megan and Kurtis for letting me be a little part of it that night.  

I made it home just before midnight to crawl into bed next to my littles! Being a mom really is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  


Glen Moore said...

Love the pictures. He is a very sweet little baby and Kurtis and Megan are great parents.


Anonymous said...

Yikes I look scary in those pics! Thanks for the post now I need to blog on it myself! Thanks for being there, it was neat having my mom and sisters there. Love you so much!


Blythe Berger said...

Lovely. And a big "AMEN" to your last sentence.


Anonymous said...
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