Tuesday, July 08, 2014


My dearest long time friend Debbie finally tied the knot!  This is the girl I met when I moved to Utah when I was 18 and was dying to be married at 18.....yet the very last of us to get married.
Debbie and I were roommates up until she went on her mission and I got married.  We have always remained close, both physically and emotionally.  I love this southern girl!

Glen was not able to make it down to Utah with me to the wedding.  We were suppose to close on our house and we had lots that needed to be done, like packing!
So he and Carter stayed behind and did the not so fun work!  The girls and I made the drive down, it was a fun girls weekend.  

Debbie married a man that has 3 children.  They have them full time, what a fun thing to be thrown into, right!
Their sealing was awesome!
She had about 8 girls, me included as bridesmaids.  She wanted us to wear a shade of pink, grey, or white!  

These girls are two of my all time favorite people.  NEVER am I with them both and not laughing so hard I am crying.  It must be something about that southern blood (Lora is from Alabama and Debbie from North Carolina).  
We've been through alot together.  It's been fun watching each other raise kids, grow, and get wiser! BUT NOT OLDER!

Happy Wedding Day Deb, Feb 28th. 


Moore fun in Colorado! said...

So glad you got to go to her wedding! Looks like she's so happy!


The Dorny Family said...

Hey, Kendi. Was Debbi in the Holladay 26th ward for awhile? I think I was her visiting teacher when I lived with the Dornys. I say I think because I was the worst, never visited and only dropped stuff off.