Sunday, July 07, 2013

Denver Broncos Game and More January Days

One of the biggest reasons I wasn't able to stay up in Montana long was because I had to get back for Glen and Carter to take off to the Denver Bronco/Baltimore Ravens playoff game in Denver.  

As soon as Glen heard that the Broncos were going to the playoffs and having the game in Denver he jumped on the chance to grab some tickets for he and Carter.  He also called up Joel and Erin and they were in on the action too.  
Carter's mom was not the smartest person though, she dressed her son in Ravin colors.  So when he got on the plane with all the Bronco fans, they booed him......of course it was moms fault!

Glen will have to take some time to blog about the game experience.  All I know is it was sure a bitter COLD game! and the outcome was not what they were hoping for.  I do know that it will be a memory that these Denver Bronco fans will remember for a lifetime.  

Celebrating this fools birthday was a great fun.  We love our Sawyer man!

One day after getting the kids off to school Maggie came in dressed for some sunny weather.  I couldn't blame her.  However, all I wanted to do was snuggle her back in the warm bed and sleep the day away......but we didn't. 

Instead we made cookies.  What a great idea on such a cold wintry day!

Staying warm inside is pretty much how we spent a good portion of January.  How lucky for us that we have this little nephew/cousin just right down the street to cuddle on those cold winter days.  I could do this for days! 

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Glen Moore said...

It was a really fun game right until the end... then it was ugly. It was the Ravens by the way. They beat Denver in double overtime and then went on to win the Super Bowl. It was the coldest I've been in a while! Carter didn't complain at all - tough kid.