Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thanksgiving 2015

We spent our thanksgiving in Utah with my family.  We had a yummy dinner at my sister's house in South Jordan.  I forgot to take very many pictures but I did snap this one with Sawyer and a big fat turkey leg....yum yum...looks like he should be walking around Disneyland!

It was so fun to all be together, minus Ryan!  Love this group!

We decided to get a hotel so we could wear out the kids and swim.  Ellie and Reese loved visiting us at our pool!

We took all the kids to see the new movie Dinosaur.  While we were at the mall waiting for the movie to start the kids spotted Santa.  It was the sweetest to look over and see these sisters talking to Santa.  I bet they had lots to tell him.  

We love spending time with these sweet girls.  It was a rough year for them to watch their daddy be so sick.  He loves them SO much and was so happy when we sent him the pictures!

Aunt Erin's birthday was while we were there too so we celebrated that also.  Yummy cake and pizza at our hotel!  It was perfect for after a swim!

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