Monday, October 24, 2016

Paul Moore Foundation 5K and Carnival

Paul's story gained much attention due to a few stories that were written and thanks to the Paul Moore Foundation ladies.
How cools is it to pull of and see his story as the top trending....Paul made a great impact!

And the next day the UK Daily Mail.  Now it's not just the US news but world news.  Amazing!

What an amazing daddy that loves his girls!  This picture will forever be one of my favorites!

We headed down to Farming to be a part of this wonderful weekend.  The love and outpouring that went into this weekend was amazing.  Paul and Joni are very loved!

After the 5K run/walk they planned the best carnival and silent auction.  The kids were in heaven!

My very supportive family came to support us all.  My little brother and his girlfriend even flew in from Seattle.  
Ryan was roommates with Joel in Montana so he became close to both Joel and Paul.  

That night after all the foundation festivities my family headed up to Oakley, utah to have a fun night at Megan and Kurtis's family cabin. 
It also happened to be Uncle Ryan's birthday so we celebrated him!

You can't go to the cabin without a horse ride.  So beautiful up there.  

This guy is the best!  I think I'll take him home with me!

We ended the weekend with stopping by Paul and Joni's for a goodbye.  We were very easily entertained by Ellie's dancing and piling on Glen. 

Good thing Glen showered!

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