Monday, June 16, 2014

Jan and February House Progession

A house, it's finally looking like a real house....lots of mess and mud but there is my front porch!  Happy days!

Picking out paint colors was a tough one for me but i held to the one that I originally thought I was going to use from the very beginning.  

Paint color is's not too much of a difference from the white but we still really like it.  It makes my house bright and open feeling!  Just what we wanted. 

Desk area in one of the girls room.  We used a little different paint color in their room, just a tad bit grayer.  They are happy with it.....for now, they keep asking when we are going to paint their rooms?

Office.  This was mostly Glen's creation, I like the way it turned out.  

More office with the kids "secret hiding spot."  They love to show that off!

My office doors are finally painted, but not open here.  

Our mud room lockers.  We kinda use these ALOT!!!

The big windows were a must.  In fact I could have had them even bigger.  I love the natural light and brightness they bring to the house.  

Big TV/bonus room.  

Open stairwell turned out beautiful.  Even though my builder doubted my idea on this, we all ended up loving it!


Gygi Family said...

I seriously can't wait to come and see this house! I LOVE everything I see! So awesome!!!!!

Blythe Berger said...

Love your home! But I already told you that. I hope you gwet to enjoy it for a long time!

Love you all.