Friday, January 18, 2013

November Happenings

Believe it or not, November flew by for us.  Lots going on I guess?!
They opened a huge massive Scheels here and it's so fun to visit.  Lots to do and entertain the kids with.  We can never go in for just 20 mins, we end up staying at least 2 hours.  

The ferris wheel is a huge hit! At least for the kids!  These parents aren't too fond of the long line waiting to get on it. 

These pictures may or may not be on 3 different occassions, because that would be really embarrassing. 
I think we should sign them up to do some acting gigs?! or maybe acting classes? You be the judge!

I was lucky enough to be a parent volunteer with both kids on their field trips.  
With Bess's class we headed downtown to the City and County Building and to the Salt Lake City Library.  

Here's my group of girls.  Cute, outgoing, spunky little things!

The 4th grade class is studying Utah history this year so we went to The Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum and The Church History Museum.  
I learned some great things about going on this trip with Carter.  First off how well behaved this kids is (or maybe just when I am around?).  Love him!  
Second, he's great company.  I enjoy spending one on one time with him.  He's easy to carry on a fun conversation with.  

Bess is a doll but our experience on her field trip was much different.  She's a bit.......DRAMA!  I think she does better when I am not around.

Speaking of school, Carter also completed a fun autobiography book report this month.  He chose Neil Armstrong. 
He had to make a poster and present it to the class dressed as Neil.  I think we did a pretty good job, he and I.  I generally leave these things up to Glen. 

I happened to be at the school at the right time and popped my head in his classroom right at the end of his report.  He did Awe.Some!

The 2nd grade Feast!  Cute little pilgrims and Indians enjoying a pre-thanksgiving treat!

We also enjoyed much of this month spending time holding this cutie!

We had a bit of a different Thanksgiving this year.  We spent our weekend in Boise at daddy's Hotemple (as Maggie calls it).  
We had a semi-ok Thanksgiving dinner at a golf course there.  It was kinda sad not to have all the yummy left overs that you get when you make your own dinner, but we were all together so that's what mattered the most!

Maggie enjoying the pool and her bum enjoying her swimsuit!

We miss Glen when he is gone during the week!  He's a good guy to have around! 

And that there is a wrap! (Maggie playing dead)  


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Blythe Berger said...

Wow, thanks for the catch-up, and all the awesome photos. Love all the cute pics of the kids - - including their acting. :)
Paul and Joni took us to the Scheele's in Reno, and I'll agree. It's a FUN place! We didn't think Ellie would like the ferris wheel, and she was crazy about it. I especially likes the huge salt-water fish tanks, as well as the wildlife and patriotic displays.
Love and miss you all.

Blythe Berger said...

P. S. GREAT work on the costume!

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